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    Tuxedo Cats ;)

    He is so handsome!!!
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    Tuxedo Cats ;)

    Such pretty tuxedo kitties!!!
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    How to keep dog away from cat feces?

    No. It tells me that it is a suspicious website and might hack my computer....
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    How to keep dog away from cat feces?

    I love my dogs, but man I don't understand why they go after the cat poop either!! The only thing that has worked for my family and I is that we put a gate up that blocks the walk way for the dogs that leads to the litter box. There's a tiny cat door so the cat can either slip through that or he...
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    The bond is strong

    My Timmy boy doesn't have any others to cuddle with :( Here's a picture of my Grammie's kitties! They LOVE each other! The black one is JoJo and the tan one is Dexter. They are both males. Also, here's a funny picture of Dexter. He loves to sit like this all the time
  6. The bond is strong

    The bond is strong

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    The Max of Zorro

    Thanks for the update. That's good he came out from hiding!!  I love his name! He is oh so cute and looks like he will be a handsome boy when he gets older 
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    Hello from Canada

    Hello and welcome!  I love their names, and I think it's so awesome how they're siblings! So cute. I would love to see pictures of your furbabies! 
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    Game - Answer the last question and ask the next

    Watching TV in bed keeps me awake. It's mostly the light that keeps me up and not the sound. Do you own any other pets, other than cats?
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    New game that is kind of fun

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    Cat alphabet game

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    Last two letters game