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    HELP! New cat acting aggressively towards resident cat

    Until the hormones are out of his system and he's used to the idea that there will always be food and they've worked out their own pecking order keep doing what your doing. As long as no one is stressed let them work it out. They are young and it sounds like they are on the way to friendship. A...
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    HELP! New cat acting aggressively towards resident cat

    Have you tried a few small dishes of dry in different rooms? It sound territorial. Has Stevie lost weight or acted fearful of Freddie at other times? If no then it's something you can let them work out. It's very early and they are working out how to communicate and who is dominant.
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    HELP! New cat acting aggressively towards resident cat

    They are both young enough that free feeding dry food along with scheduled wet food meals should be fine. At 8 mts Freddie needs as much as he can eat while still growing. Stevie was used to having crunchies when ever she wanted now she has scheduled meals so she might be in a little insecure...
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    Help, kitty behavior changed while on meds

    Poor boy, it sounds like he's not feeling well at all. I'd wonder if a "post nasal drip" type of situation is causing some stomach upset as the wax disippates. If he's eating and drinking well, and only one instance of diarhea dehydration is probably not a concern. Know how to check for...
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    Help, kitty behavior changed while on meds

    They are very atuned to our emotions and part of it maybe that he's reacting to your stress. He still loves you but since you give him his medicine he is nervous about your movements. This is only temporary and he will relax again when he feels better and only good things come from you. You...
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    Help, kitty behavior changed while on meds

    Just like humans, the ear, eye, and nasal canals are all connected. That could be why he is sneezing. When you take a shower bring him into the bathroom with you, the steam with loosen congestion some. It is also ok to use plain saline eye drops, in his eyes, to thin the mucus. When I have an...
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    Is it okay to let my cat outside once or twice a day?

    It's not a simple question. There are considerations: How old is he? Is he neuteered? How long have you had him? Do you have predators? Does he seem to have common sense? I let my indoor cats come outside if I'm out and keep an eye on them. I think of them like toddlers. Everything is...
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    Cat stroller

    If you have ramps a stroller will make your life easier. Carrying a stroller up and down stairs would be awkward and cause more pain. If you have a lot of stairs a carrier with a long strap you can cross over your body might be better. This one also has wheels for when your on flat ground...
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    I think my adopted cat is unhappy with me

    She looks sweet and the picture speaks of hope. She is holding her self as a tight ball but I'm first thought was nervous not scared. She is not cowering or hiding, her eyes are not dilated, and her ears are forward and interested. She might not be ready for a string toy yet. When she is I...
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    Very Needy Cat

    It might not be a stressed response but a super happy one. There was recently a thread and several of us have had happy gland releasers.I hope the catnip mellows him out enough that he can be a calmer happy. Cat smells when happy Is he stressed when you're out of the house or only when you're...
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    I think my adopted cat is unhappy with me

    She's used to being around a lot of cats and might be looking for them. Have you tried meowing back to her and talking to her? As she becomes more secure I'm sure she will be less desperate. As for the vet visit, no matter when you do go the visit will be stressful. The sooner you go, the...
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    Rough Play

    Try keeping their nails trimmed to cut down on accidental scratches. They clearly love each other so it's probably not intentional.
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    Sexually aggressive neutered male?

    I'm sorry you're going through this. You're probably already doing it but make sure he's not unsupervised with your youngest. Rule out anything physical. I'm pretty sure there is a blood test to check his hormone levels. Check him for any kind of pain. Will he let you check his whole body...
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    Sudden redirected aggression

    Try not to think the worst will happen. The incident that brought on the 6 mt process was violent this wasn't. Hopefully your bf being home today and treating it as a non-event will convince Meffy all is ok.
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    Ceiling fan

    Most cats don't like air blowing at them so that may be enough deterent when it's running. When Yoshi was about 6 mt and probaly 6 or 7 lb he tried to get to the light fixture above the bed. My ceilings are low so there is only 4 1/2 ft from the bed to the light. He'd run in circles on the bed...