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  1. heatherandmoon

    Comment by 'heatherandmoon' in article 'Honey Bee - A Truly Inspirational Cat'

    This was an amazing story; Honey Bee is a true blessing, and she will be with you, always, along with Tavo and Mouse. Thank you so much for sharing!
  2. heatherandmoon

    Introducing Myself And Moon!

    Yes! It's such a nice name. The calitortie colors also remind me a bit of the colors during an eclipse (like the one that occurred recently), so maybe there's a connection! And now I'm curious as to how you chose that name, too. Again, your Moon really is an absolute doll. :angelcat:
  3. heatherandmoon

    Why Tri-colored Cats Protect Homes From Fire

    This is such an interesting piece of folklore! And straight from the source, too. Cats really do bring with them an air of magic. :bigeyes:
  4. heatherandmoon

    Introducing Myself And Moon!

    Oh my gosh!!! I'm in love; what a cutie pie! :lovecat: Thanks again, everyone, for the warm welcomes.
  5. heatherandmoon

    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    @1CatOverTheLine Thank you so much! She loveees compliments. :lovecat3: Her mother was a stray when she arrived—a white cat with gray tabby markings. All three of her sisters are calico. They're such a beautiful family. Her mama was so brave to have found a safe place for herself and her...
  6. heatherandmoon

    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    They're wonderful! These kitties have so much personality. In this picture, mine is ready to go on her next walk. (No flash—she was just giving the camera a little blink.)
  7. heatherandmoon

    Comment by 'heatherandmoon' in article 'Quiz: Let Us Guess Your Favorite Cat Coat Color'

    Yep! I definitely can't decide... They're all so pretty! :angelcat:
  8. heatherandmoon

    I Cant Stand Hearing About Cats Being Treated Badly

    People like you are so important in this world! I'm glad that Honeybunny is safe with you. She is absolutely gorgeous, and she looks so happy in that photo. It's hard to fathom how cruel people can be to animals and even harder to understand why they do it. Luckily, there are also people like...
  9. heatherandmoon

    Introducing Myself And Moon!

    Thank you everyone very much for your kind words and making us feel so welcome! @murphyboy A blessing is exactly how I would describe her! It's wonderful to have someone to come home to after work, and she keeps me focused on the positive things in life. ;) When choosing a name for her, I...
  10. heatherandmoon

    Comment by 'heatherandmoon' in article 'Quiz: Let's Play Cat Trivia!'

    100%, so I guess following all those cat-related Pinterest boards really gave me a good foundation of cat knowledge. :coolcat:
  11. heatherandmoon

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    So many sweethearts! This is Moon sleeping in a weird position after about two hours of play...
  12. heatherandmoon

    Introducing Myself And Moon!

    Hello, everyone! I recently adopted a cat, and I've had lots of questions about her health and happiness, so I made an account on this site. I'm 21, and I haven't owned a cat since I was about 13-years old. Honestly, I get so worried about her that it's exactly how I imagine being the guardian...