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    cat delivered 2 kittens so far but not sure if there is more

    What a precious fuzzy baby!  They are precious.  Momma cat is just absolutely gorgeous.  I would have kept them both too!  How fun your house will be!
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    Artie and his Issues

    I go through the occasional spell of not eating well with my old guy. Our vet gave us Ener-cal, I think it's basically the same as the Nutri-Cal, and I just read the ingredients on it and it has no meat either. I've kept it on hand since. It really spurs his appetite! One dollop and within 30...
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    Memorializing Mystic with a paw print...

    You can do a paw print on basically anything with some children's nontoxic washable paints.  I have one that I did of one of my dogs paws long ago, I actually just used the Crayola brand washable paints then used a sealer over it on the canvas.  You can do it on fabric or paper and put in a...
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    Wondering if my cat really is pregnant

    Please talk to your mom today, she needs a vet--or you will have kittens and then have to take them all in.  Soon may not be soon enough.  I would think that she is still pregnant, because that was a bit quick for her to give birth and then reappear.
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    Artie and his Issues

    I have to have on my very thick robe every morning now because my teener-neener makes biscuits so hard she was leaving marks on me!  But she is so dang cute I can't stop her, I just wear the old thick robe. Something else--like the towel suggestion--when I'm sitting on the couch or loveseat and...
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    Non agressive Biting- what does it mean?

    I'm loving these pics!  You can tell a happy cat!
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    Wondering if my cat really is pregnant

    Why would you want to bathe her?  Did she get into something?  Scaring her or stressing her would not be good at this stage in her pregnancy if she was indeed pregnant back at the beginning of February.  She needs a vet. I am of the same opinion as @smudge12  that seriously, if you don't have...
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    Our fixed male is attacking our babysitters

       I agree 100%  with all of the above that @Amethyst  wrote---especially the smell of another animal---and we all know how they love to mark with their cheeks around our feet and legs.  Prime attack spot! I also meant to ask---is he this way with any family members?  Or strictly just the...
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    Our fixed male is attacking our babysitters

    Please explain the situation leading up to the attack---also, is he a young fixed male, or an older one??? Do you have a new baby that is being babysat, or older children---just wondering is this the first experience he has had with a babysitter or visitor in your home??
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    Wondering if my cat really is pregnant

    Are your parents not involved or on board with her care?  If they aren't on board with taking care of the cat, is there another adult who you can go to that will assist?  Will your parents at least enforce it with your sisters the importance of not leaving the doors open? Is there anyone you can...
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    Can an older male cat adjust to life indoors?

    Wow! He actually just ate it?!?!?  I wish mine were that easy to give pills to!  I have one weird cat out of my three that will take his if I put it in a piece of biscuit---yes, I am talking about southern-style breakfast biscuits, just a plain piece of one!  His unnatural, insane love of...
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    Cat intros...should I keep separating when I hear growling?

    I think everything sounds great!  Tumble and chases will occur, but like CalicosRSpecial said, it's the behavior afterwards that is the key to the relationship status!  I think you all are doing just fine
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    Help with newly adopted deaf kitties

    Welcome!! My first question---are they spayed?  Could they both be in heat and howling to find themselves a boyfriend??  Trying to "call up" a handsome tomcat???  Just my first thought!! If they are, or you see a tiny belly scar, I don't know an answer to give you, I'm hoping someone else will...
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    low income any advice

    PS---I think it is awesome of you to do what you are doing!!!
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    low income any advice

    A friend of mine goes to "bent can" stores, I think it's called a salvage grocery store, and buys up all their Fancy Feast rejects and gets them for $0.10 to $0.15 cents a can.  If you have one of those stores in your area check it out.  I don't have one near me unfortunately or I'd be doing it...