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  1. HavToNo

    Reserved for the cat

    My wife got it from Wayfair.com
  2. HavToNo

    Reserved for the cat

    IMG_2937 by Tim, on Flickr
  3. HavToNo

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    IMG_2948 by Tim, on Flickr
  4. HavToNo

    The eyes have it! Let's see those pretty peepers!

    IMG_2933 by Tim, on Flickr
  5. HavToNo

    Majestic Leo

    Thank you. He likes to pose for the camera.
  6. HavToNo

    Majestic Leo

    IMG_2793 by Tim, on Flickr
  7. HavToNo

    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    IMG_2568 by Tim, on Flickr
  8. HavToNo

    Show Us Your Cats Together

    IMG_2748 by Tim, on Flickr IMG_2706 by Tim, on Flickr
  9. HavToNo

    That Look

    IMG_2768 by Tim, on Flickr
  10. HavToNo

    A few more shots of Leo

    Thanks so much everyone.
  11. HavToNo

    Spooky Leo

    Thank you.
  12. HavToNo

    Spooky Leo

    Thanks so much. I do a lot of bird photography and other kinds of photography as well.
  13. HavToNo

    Spooky Leo

    He may look scary in this picture but I can testify that he's just a big mushy cat.