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    Renal failure and limping

    Yeah I have to feed him 4-5 times and put it in front of him a lot. Sometimes he needs to be reminded. Then he’s like “oh yeah I’m hungry” lol. I’ll try and up his calories. I give him the lil soup treats between meals too for some added calories or to entice him. My vet emailed me back and...
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    Renal failure and limping

    Thank you! Yeah his appetite has decreased a bit in the past six months. I’d like for him to eat more. He also used to compete for food with his brother so he ate out of spite and packed on pounds and vomited from eating fast. He doesn’t do it with the new kitty because she has her own food. So...
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    Renal failure and limping

    Senior panel bloodwork. He has been losing muscle noticeably. I’m not sure the numbers on the sdma. Been trying to give him high protein for now because my vet wasn’t concerned yet about renal disease as she was his muscle loss. It almost like he twisted something.
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    Renal failure and limping

    Hello! My vet suspects my 13 year old white and orange kitty, Taki has early signs of renal failure. Increased thirst and urination, eating a bit less. His bloodwork didn’t indicate a major change in his diet needed to happen yet. He’s overweight (always hovered between 16-18 and has lost some...
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    Fleas & Worms

    Not sure. It depends on if you keep windows open. Travel visits. I have had strictly indoor cats that have gotten fleas. I keep a clean place and they never go out but alas. Fleas. I keep mine on revolution plus to be safe.
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    How long does blood last after deworming?

    She is! I ended up giving her pumpkin which helped. We just moved and she had diarrhea again with a tiny drop due to straining but I think that’s from stress and excitement. We have to get a fecel test on Monday to be sure but I’m giving the pumpkin a try again. :) I think it’s normal to see...
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    Deck Hand brand at Whole foods - possibly early renal disease

    Awesome. Yeah I looked it up and it seemed decent for now. Taki has been adjusting pretty well and we have been taking it really slow so he doesn’t feel invaded! He doesn’t seem to pay her much attention. She’s also very submissive and just lays down when he comes near. Good thing so he still...
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    Deck Hand brand at Whole foods - possibly early renal disease

    Thank you so much! I’m guessing that too. He’s still adjusting. We are giving him lots of love. 💕
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    My cat is destroying my house with her marking.

    I am so sorry for your position and your poor baby. It must be hard and I know cat bills can get up there. I know some vets cannot put down cats or chose not to if they do not feel like they have reached end of life. I understand that. Perhaps you can seek a new forever home for her yourself...
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    Deck Hand brand at Whole foods - possibly early renal disease

    I will mention we fostered a kitty due to shelter needs last month. They are separated and we have slowly started to introduce him but taking it really slow and no contact right now due to the new kitty getting over some issues she picked up at the shelter. He doesn’t hiss anymore but I don’t...
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    Deck Hand brand at Whole foods - possibly early renal disease

    Hello! I have a senior kitty 13/14 years. He’s never really been a too picky about eating but has never enjoyed an all wet diet. He used to eat more when I had my other cat who I lost in January to cancer. But this is because he was a competive cat that ate just so my other could not. This also...
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    Flea and Tick prevention on Indoor only cats.

    Hello!! I would treat both. Indoor cats can still get fleas and things :)
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    Feline herpes? Best treatment?

    So I adopted a kitty from a shelter and she’s been tested negative for ringworm but has had some nose scabs and eye goo for the past three weeks. She’s been taking lysine twice a day and eye drops the last few. The weather got cold again and she started sneezing this past few days. If she has...
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    Do you agree that this is bacterial or is it ringworm?

    I don’t know if it’s ringworm but I understand your concerns. It doesn’t sound like it too much. I just adopted a rescue kitty that was having skin issues on her nose and went a head a tested for ringworm just because I wanted to make sure. It’s just a piece of mind at this point. I had to...
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    Cat Still Sick Vets Don't Know

    Sending all my thoughts your way! I hope you find the answers soon. Let us know! any changes in environment? Does he seem depressed?