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    How To Heal Wounds On Neck

    It’s just hydrocortisone, my vet recommended it and half a cholortab a day.
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    How To Heal Wounds On Neck

    That’s a good idea, I’ve tried topical anti itch cream as on humans scabs usually itch. I’ve fashioned a bandage sling over it I’m going to change daily. I’m hoping this can give it time to heal properly.
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    How To Heal Wounds On Neck

    So in a recent thread I discussed that Princess had escaped and gotten infested with fleas, she is now basically flea free besides the lone straggler I brush out occasionally. Anyway, Princess has a flea allergy which causes her to dig severely at her neck. It can also be stress induced, as she...
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    Desperately Needing Help.

    Yes, the frontline is what is failing me so miserably lol. I have just come to the conclusion that all cats are different with what works. Our other cat on frontline is completely flea free, of course she didn’t get lost in the woods for three days like princess did. Sigh.
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    Desperately Needing Help.

    Our vet isn’t exactly helpful with these sort of things, as I said before she’s on flea medication directly from the vet and when I called Saturday they basically told me “well it should be working”. Which is wasn’t at all, so I did some research and got some Capguard. Where she is a persian she...
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    Desperately Needing Help.

    We treat the house periodically and none of our other animals including our other cat have fleas. And the topical we have been using is directly from the vet, which is why I was seeking advise. I’m getting capstarr tomorrow in hopes that this will help.
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    Desperately Needing Help.

    Hi, I haven’t been active in awhile because I’ve been away at school and we haven’t had many problems with the cats lately. But about a month ago Princess (the purebred persian) got outside and we couldn’t find her for three days. Thank god we did find her, however she was infested with fleas...
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    2 Cats Pee And Poop Outside Of Litter Box.

    I agree with the above advice. Could you try putting another litter box on that side of the room? Sometimes just adding more boxes helps the issue a lot. Are they both fixed? How often do you clean the boxes? With cats, sometimes when there's more than one they start being "clean freaks" and...
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    What Breed Is My Kitten?

    Also I can't tell you the problems a female cat in heat can cause. I've been dealing with it myself as I'm having to wait to have my female spayed, and I've read countless forums about people suffering at the hand of a hormonal lady. They scream, they cry, they howl, they act like they have no...
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    Spayed Cat Won't Stop Meowing. I'm Losing It!

    I would seek another vet if at all possible, I am not an advocate of rehoming but maybe if you can find a good rescue they can get her surgery or if not maybe they can find her a home where the issues may not be so severe. I'm so sorry for what you're going through, I know how hard heat is for a...
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    Spayed Cat Won't Stop Meowing. I'm Losing It!

    She needs to have follow up surgery. It sounds like they left a piece or more of her ovaries intact and this behavior will not stop until they are completely scooped out. That's why she pees and poops everywhere as well, she is marking. There's really no other solution and hormone shots will...
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    Hello From Texas

    Hi from North Carolina! Welcome to the site Rex and owner, we hope you stick around and share your love of cats with the rest of us. :-)
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    What Breed Are My Kittens?

    Very unique babies! I agree with the above statements but your darker kitten is stumping me. He looks like a fever coat, but then again he does not due to the blaze between his eyes. Keep us updated with pictures as they grow so we can see how the colors develop:-)
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    Rescuing Kitten, What Breed Is She?

    Without any DNA testing/papers she's a very nice lynx point domestic short hair. In either blue or seal color, I can't 100% tell that from the picture. She could be described as a traditional or old type Siamese lookalike but where she is so little we will have to wait until she has grown out...
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    He's eating the patte very easily actually, and he begs for it whenever I feed mama, I've gotten where I have to put his down first or he will try to crawl into her bowl haha! He also crawled into the big boy litterbox all on his own last night, he didn't go just yet but it's a start. I'm...