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    I found my cat dead

    I am so very sorry for your loss. The food you fed was not the reason for his passing. Somehow, he got into poison while outside, that is what killed him, not the food. This time of year anti freeze dripping off car engines is the biggest, but not only culprit. There are many deadly plants...
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    Can a cat adapt to living in two places?

    Doing the happy dance!! So happy you took our advice to just go and enjoy your weekend retreat with Bruce. He is being more cuddly as he looking to you as his source safety & stability in this new place. This may well carry over when you return home. You've done all the right things to make this...
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    Cat rolling in litter when clean OR soiled. HELP.

    Have you looked at Tidy Cat Breeze litter system? I use this, although some cats don't like the pellets, mine has no problems with it. I know someone whom has severe allergies so I sympathize with you. Sorry one of your kitties is making this difficult.
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    Which cat food is better?

    Please read One of the first things Dr. Lisa says under cat nutrition, when reading labels is don't drive yourself nuts. Eating any canned food instead of kibble is 90% of the battle. Sure there lots of choices, expensive does not mean it's the best, I've heard of more dogs &...
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    Which cat food is better?

    I feed Dave's Restricted Grain-Free Diet - low magnesium and phosphorous. I'm in US and order thru don't know if this is available to you. This food mimics the 'script diets yet doesn't have the unneeded unhealthy grains/chemicals in it and no carrageenan. He eats 5.5 oz a day with an...
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    Cat get's bored of toys

    My cat loves the little foil balls that you can get at the pet store for about 1.00 each. I buy in packages of 10 as we are always losing them. When he is in the mood, I'll throw them & he'll chase them or catch them mid air and then bat around. Other times he makes up his own games and bats...
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    Ear Mites

    Does your kitty have coffee ground gunk like looking stuff in it's ears? if not, look for fleas & flea eggs, flea comb will find those buggers no matter the color of your cats coat. I went thru this when I first got my rescue and fleas was his problem, not ear mites, he was just digging at his...
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    Stray has chronic bloody diarrhea

    There is absolutely nothing over the counter that you can get for this poor cat. He needs to see a vet immediately or he will die an agonizing death. I am sorry if this sounds harsh but if you care for this cat, he has to go to a vet, today.
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    Dry food only, suggestions?

    If your cat doesn't like the texture, try running chunky/shreds thru blender.
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    I Luv My Cat: Cat food

    I've seen a lot worse ingredients in other canned cat food brands. Give the Costco brand a try and see how they do & if they eat it. .
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    Dry food only, suggestions?

    Going just off ingredients, I'd try them in the order they are listed. My least fave is the sanabelle ingredients, the Animonda has less phosphorous so that is good if your kitties lean to bladder crystals or UTI
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    UTI prescription diet rant.

    Good idea to walk away from reading nutritional labels for a bit. I looked off & on for a month before I made my choice. You can extend your autoship with Chewy out to 16 weeks. They also send out email confirming you actually are ready for the order to be sent, before doing so. They are a great...
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    Is special cat food needed after a bladder infection?

    There is a lot of good info in the thread titled, UTI prescription diet rant. Also do a search on this forum for FLUD, many threads with helpful info. IMO, having just gone thru this with my recently adopted cat, water and canned foods only are the key. It doesn't hurt to feed the 'script foods...
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    UTI prescription diet rant.

    I'm with you on the concerns, read enough you go cross eyed and find if one person says this, another says that. You are just going to have to make the best decisions for your animals you can, do recheck on urine and take those results and tweak as necessary. According to my vet, Sparky whom...
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    Questions about megacolon!

    That is excellent news! The vet sounds lovely and caring, usually you get 10 minutes before next...... Well worth the hours the waiting to see him. I hope that Mph will eat the script diet for now till you get things under control. Then later on very slowly wean her off onto something similar. I...