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    Possible Pregnancy?

    Hi there, I hope your new kitty is doing well, how kind you are to have taken her in despite your boyfriend's protests. She is a very pretty cat. At university today I had a lecture from the professor of parasitology about toxoplasmosis, and I thought of your situation. Apparently cats have...
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    Is this Siberian cat? (please i really need to know )?

    Hi Randox, that is a very pretty silver tabby you have there. Without pedigree papers that document the cat's ancestry it is very hard to say for sure if a cat is a 100% purebred or not. Where has this cat come from?
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    Young cat hit by car

    Hi there first of all good luck with Frankie. My mum's cat got hit by a car some time ago, he also suffered very bad nerve damage and could not empty his bladder on his own. Unfortunately he had to be put to sleep for this reason. I think he was in a worse condition than Frankie though. It is a...
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    Back from the cat show - - AKA How Hopey did!

    Well done Hopey! She is a little beauty.
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    About a Siamese that isn’t a Siamese

    Thanks for the compliments towards my cats I think Leo looks slighly different in the photo because of the angle he is looking up at the camera - it's shortened his face slightly. He is actually a lilac point and is fairly pale in real life. I'm not sure how you'd term my two that's why i...
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    About a Siamese that isn’t a Siamese

    Just thought i'd add a picture of my Topaz - she is 'between' modern and traditional. And her brother, Leo: I also love the very refined modern look. I have just been to a cat show here in the UK and the modern Siamese are simply stunning!
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    Problem with our 'reserved' kitten coming home :(

    Oh i really hope it all works out for you. You cousin making the journey to pick up the kitten sounds promising though. It must be awful to feel like everything's up in the air at the moment! The MC's really are slow to mature though, as you can see in my sig we have one, he is 9 months now. We...
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    UK members- what do you feed your cat?

    I would never feed them completely on dry, it's totally unnatural and unhealthy for a cat (or a person for that matter - imagine eating noting but cereal and crisps for your whole life!)
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    My kitten Hope

    She's so beautiful!
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    UK members- what do you feed your cat?

    I get the Maine Coon Royal Canin biscuits from PaH, which they have all always enjoyed until just recently, which is most annoying as it's one of the best ones you can buy. Don't know why they have gone off it. I have just tried them on James Wellbeloved kitten which they liked for the first...
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    UK members- what do you feed your cat?

    I have never heard of bozita before, nor the website it is sold on! That's a good food is it? My lot are so fussy at the moment, i'm not sure what to try them on next.
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    Best breed for house cat?

    If you are looking to rehome a rescue cat, it may be worth considering the age of the cat, as well as the breed. If you were to get an older cat, the chances are it will be less active and therefore less likely to want to run around outside.
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    ahh, poor Socks!...and pill opinions...

    I had to give Leo antibiotic tablets twice daily when he managed to cut his paw pad open. It was extremely easy, as the pills were small and slim, i could split open one of his favourite cat treats and slip the pill inside, squash it together, present it to him and he would just gobble it down...
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    UK members- what do you feed your cat?

    I'm just curious as to what other brands of food UK members feed their cats. The most comprehensive pet store near me is Pets at Home and the best food they supply is Royal Canin biscuits and Nature's Menu pouches. Apart from that, choice is pretty limited... So do other owners shop online...
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    ok a little vent from the breeder side..

    Well how insulting of that lady to attempt to haggle the price with you. What did she think she was buying, a used car???!! Just unbelievable. It's that "can i get something for nothing" attitude, isn't it. It seems from your first post that things were going ok with her until the price was...