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    Does anyone feed Acana "Meadowlands"?

    Update: They don't like it  Hopefully the independent pet store will let me take it back......
  2. Does anyone feed Acana "Meadowlands"?

    Does anyone feed Acana "Meadowlands"?

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    Does anyone feed Acana "Meadowlands"?

    Hey everyone! My new kitty Mushu is 2 years old and I just adopted his from a shelter he is a flame-point siamese mix. My other kitty Ghibli is a siamese mix as well and eats almost exclusively wet food. I heard Siamese cats can have sensitive stomachs. Mushu was fed exclusively dry at the...
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    cheap dry food at kittens new home?

    What a dilemma! I would completely feel the same way you are feeling if I was in a similar situation. My friend actually fosters kittens--that being said, she is VERY selective about who she gives the kittens to. She usually tries to do as much of her own research as possible on each prospect...
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    Article about new trend of millenials buying high end pet foods

    iI'm 23 and feed my cats the best quality I can afford. My reason? Not trends, I just know that I can either pay now or later in vet bills... and I would rather pay now with the food and have my kitties live a pain-free life and be very hydrated and happy :) Sometimes I add Fancy Feast pates and...
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    Best kibble suggestions that are moderately priced?

    Wow, all of the suggestions! What do you all think of Acana? It is made by the same company as Orijen I believe--- but is slightly less expensive. I bought a little tester of the Grasslands version. It seems decent and he likes it. 
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    Best kibble suggestions that are moderately priced?

    Hello everyone! I just recently adopted a 2yr flame point siamese who has lived in the shelter for his ENTIRE life. After a long time of looking for a brother for my 1yr old lynx-point Ghibli, I found a cuddly lover named Mushu and they are already inseparable 
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    Bengal x Siamese mix?

    I have a kitty that looks exactly the same :) He looks like many young color points I have seen. He will get darker with age. He really looks like a spotted tabby colorpoint lynx. Also, Bengals do not need a special diet. All cats (including bengals) do the best on high quality, limited...
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    To walk or not to walk: Taking indoor cat outside or keeping him in.

    Hey guys!  It's been a while but I wanted to ask if any of you have noticed any benefits or drawbacks from sometimes taking your cat outside on a harness (in a safe and quiet environment of course). Ghibli is strictly indoors but the weather is starting to get very nice and I always wonder if...
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    New Cat Is Super Picky

    My picky boy Ghibli likes a lot of what @Kat0121  's cats like too! I find that the brands she mentioned are what a lot of picky cats like.  Especially:  Nutro natural choice poultry pates Sheba chicken and turkey pates Weruva Paw Licken Chicken Fancy feast poultry flavors (the classics)...