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    "Old" Members

    I remembered my Tcs name but not my password. I'm FB friends with some of us oldies but I'm Gail Krueger Carriveau on FB if you want to connect with me there. All my original kitties are gone except for Bakker who I got from a rescue in 2004. Lots of kitty pics on FB though.
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    Badger not eating after her pyometra spay

    Turns out when her sister Inky was spayed they gave me doses of buprenorphine.  I was getting quite concerned so I gave her a does of this last night about 8 pm.  When we went to bed at 10 pm neil brought her to the bed and after lights out I could here her purring!  And she groomed herself...
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    Badger not eating after her pyometra spay

    She didn't eat but a few licks of tuna but I got some baby food and diluted with water and she ate that.  I've been in and out of the house and I see a little of  some dry was gone (had in special place). She still is pretty lethargic though we had her in the front window in her spot and she was...
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    Badger not eating after her pyometra spay

    Picked up Badger yesterday afternoon.  She was a bit wobbly when she got home.  Put her on our bed which she stayed for a awhile. Throught the rest of the day she went down to the family room and rested on the sofa and then the kitty sofa.  Gave her the clavomox (fun!) and meloxican.  Woke up...
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    Badger has pyometra

    She has been having some spotting since this weekend but otherwise ok.  Took her in this afternoon as we thought it might be bladder infection.  The vet did a syringe and got some discharge.  Temp is okay.  They were doing blood tests this afternoon to check white blood cell count .  If high...
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    I've been AWOL

    Hello! Everything is good.  I have a big garden tour at my house on May 17th So I've been spreading ALL my free time weeding.  After this event has passed I'll fill you all in on what's new.
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    T-43 hours before road trip

    At least the weather should be good.  I don't like driving the mountains thru West Virginia in rain-too many semi's!
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    T-43 hours before road trip

    So the swollen lymph nodes are better-a little vertigo today just a few minutes off and on. But I slipped on wet floor yesterday morning at work!  Bruise on right knee and left left foot-grr..... iced and ibuprofen is occuring. Wisconsin cheese, sausage  and misc goodies purchased just lots of...
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    sorry I haven't posted-vibes for me please

    I have no fever and when he looked in ear he said it looked clear.  He said lymph nodes swell due to an infection and I had a cyst or pimple on my face that I picked on a couple of weeks ago which could be the problem.  Today the dizziness was better and I slept off and on this afternoon and...
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    Do you mow?

    We have 5 acres and our property is shaped like a triangle.  About 2 acres of it doesn't get mowed except the right-of way. We have a commercial zero turn mower-a Ferris that we bought a couple of years ago to replace our old zero turn mower.  We have a steep sloop that Neil mows.  With the ZTR...
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    sorry I haven't posted-vibes for me please

    I woke up Thursday at 4 am to visit bathroom.  I was extremely light headed/dizzy.  Wow- made it back to bed hoping when the alarm went off at 5 am I would feel better.  Not the case.  It was very challenging to shower, dress and drive to work.  Had a glass of oj, a banana and a slice pf toast...
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    My hours are changing at work next week.

    Well I guess I shouldn't have done some landscaping yesterday after the new hours.  I could only do 2 1/2 hours and was tired and went to bed at 9 pm.  But Neil started snoring at midnite and woke me up so I had to go into the other bedroom and shut the door.  I also am waking up about 20...
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    The strawberries are coming!

    If you want I can pm you a link from University of Wisconsin extension which has a great publication on strawberries. Otherwise I don't like bird netting as its a pain to keep on picking up and down the leaves and berries...
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    My doctor said a strange thing to me!

    Drinking de-fizzed Coke was recommended alot.   It seems like it had to be the real Coca-Cola and stir to remove the carbonation.  Maybe because too diarrhea causes dehydration this is one way of getting fluids back in body?
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    Should I call someone and if so...whom?

    I would call the local sheriff's dept next time.  One of my BIL's owns a fairly large dairy operation nearby and that would never happen anywhere on their properties.  It could be a case of neglect depending on the condition of the other cows.  I live in a big farming area and I can't ever saw I...