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    Best Acidophilus Brand?

    Just to update. I started using Proviable probiotics a few days ago and they seem to be working like a charm. His appetite is much better.
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    Best Acidophilus Brand?

    He is 14 and recently dxd with CKD. He is also in the midst of an URI so the vet decided to put him on a round of Azithromycin, even though she had reservations about it possibly causing stomach upset. His appetite haas not been good lately, but the congestion has been a problem for a while so...
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    Best Acidophilus Brand?

    Is there a certain brand or potency that is better for cats?
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    Sucralfate vs Slippery Elm

    Do they basically do the same thing?
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    Pardon my ignorance....phosphorous

    Yes I have a kidney kitty. All the info I can find on the particular food I am investigating is what I posted above.
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    Pardon my ignorance....phosphorous

    How do you calculate percentage of phosphorous? For example, if a food has 214 milligrams of phosphorous per 100 calories, then what is the percentage? Do you simply divide the calories by the phosphorous in milligrams? Thanks.
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    Mirataz Sedation?

    No, he was not sleepy before we started to use it. Just very low appetite. My vet had mentioned weaning him off of it after a week, so I am going to do every other day for a while. Of course, if he needs it we will continue to use it.
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    Mirataz Sedation?

    My 14 y/o was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. The vet prescribed Mirataz once a day. We have used it for about a week now. It has helped tremendously with his appetite, but he is soooo sleepy all the time. Has anyone else experienced that? I am leaving it off today to see if it...
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    Is the lining in Fancy Feast cans safe?

    Purina is great about responding to emails promptly.
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    Sub q fluids different types

    Thanks, that was the info I had seen. My vet switched us to LRS today and things went much better with our fluids session, which tells me the Normosol must indeed be harder for my cat to tolerate.
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    Cat attacking me for no reason

    I’m sorry, but have no clue. Time to call Jackson Galaxy?
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    Sub q fluids different types

    Normosol R is what my vet recommends. I am not liking what I read about it possibly stinging or burning. Is it better than Lactated Ringers or different in some way? I have no problems with the needle stick, but my sweet kitty starts complaining when the fluid starts to flow. I warm the bag...
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    Zyrtec and Stomach Ulcers?

    Has anyone heard of Zyrtec possibly causing stomach ulcers in cats?
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    Good Article on Grief
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    Very anxious about possible adoption

    I have a 13 year old Himalayan. His brother was with us since birth but we lost him about two years ago to cancer. Since then we have been a one cat household. The remaining cat had a period of being depressed and not eating after his brother died, but is doing very well now, although I think...