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    Can I use dog shampoo on a cat?

    So it is alright for me to use my Bed Head/ Cat Walk shampoos and conditioners on the boys? Once I began going for salon quality products, I've never been able to go back.
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    Do you allow...?

    The table and counters are strictly off limits. In fact, they get chased off if they come poking around during dinner time. It's just because I don't want any of my younger cousins sneaking bits of food down to them. That leads to bad habits I don't want to deal with. All I have to do is...
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    Ziltoid and Capt. Spectacular are growing like weeds.

    Or bugs, since that seems to be my favorite nick name for them. "Hey you bugs, behave!" On to the pictures! Mom, a bird! Brotherly love. It's my new helmet. Ziltoid is really stretching. I've always wanted an Egyptian Mau, but it seems I was given my own special version of one.
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    Earwig problems...please help!

    After reading through this thread, I've found myself checking by my feet. We've had so much rain that the big insects are coming out to play. I wish all we had to deal with are earwigs and silverfish! (No I don't. :C ) I nearly stepped on a giant wolf spider, and mistook it for a tarantula...
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    Tell me I'm not the only one who's been caught singing to the cats.

    I got caught singing to the boys, and I feel so incredibly silly. I always sing to them even though I can't sing whatsoever. Captain Spectacular and Ziltoid are named from an album by Devin Townsend about an alien, Ziltoid, who looks to take over the Earth to gain control of their coffee...
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    Cats in tune to hormones?

    They're both the same age, brothers from the same litter. Capt. has always been the cuddly one of the two, and he's usually curled up on my shoulder or lap. This whole following me around and trying to chat up a storm is new to me.
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    Cats in tune to hormones?

    I know cats can pick up on hormone changes when women are pregnant. So does this mean that my cats are picking up on me, even though I'm not pregnant? My hormones have always been all over the place, and have gotten worse since I had a 15 lb ovarium cyst removed. The sudden changes had calmed...
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    Parents: Huge Fisher Price recall.

    The other forum I haunt caught wind of this and posted it for the parents' sake. Here's a link to the CNN article about it. There's a list of the toys they're talking about floating around, but it hasn't appeared on CNN as of yet, so I am hesitant to repost it until it has been confirmed...
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    Update on the stray boxer!

    After a long day of running around, my cousin came and picked him up yesterday. This has been the best happy ending one could ask for. I told him what he needs to do right away, and he said that should not be a problem. (Training, neutering him, shots etc) They've named him King, which...
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    Update on the stray boxer!

    My aunt with a 5 acre plot decided against it. BUT... I was at work today with my other two aunts (yes, my family is huge and I have around 15 aunts... ), and was telling one of our customers about the problems I've been having in finding a home for him. Then one of my aunts goes, "Well why...
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    Update on the stray boxer!

    The scary thing is that Mr. Boxer has been here with my dogs and Little Brown for almost a month without incident. The only time there was a spat is when my Grace chased him off from one of the kittens when he accidentally got outside. Even then, he turned tail and fled. I wish I could sit...
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    Update on the stray boxer!

    After today's incident I don't think he's safe for anyone. All four of them have previously been hanging out on our deck area fine for a very long time. I don't know what provoked this attack. Then again, my experience with dogs with a questionable background is limited. I have a friend who...
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    Update on the stray boxer!

    I have another very sad update. Sometime after I made this thread, I went off to go back to bed. (I am so lazy..) I was awakened by the sound of fighting dogs, and rushed to get outside. There I saw the boxer and another little brown stray in the middle of a fight. It wasn't just a little...
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    Update on the stray boxer!

    I have a good update! I've been in contact with about three rescue groups in the Floresville area. All of them have told me that they are full, and so are their foster homes. If I could provide him with care, vet shots, etc. then they would advertise him for adoption. Now this wonderful...
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    Save me from the evil moth!

    Aww, I love moths! I could have caught it for you and put it outside! There's nothing better than sitting outside during the summer with the porch lights on. You get to see all sorts of pretty insects. Now if it's a roach, then I'll be running and screaming in the opposite direction.