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    Cat Acting Odd

    Hi Adroit14! So sorry to hear about your dog. I know that's never easy. I'm also sorry to hear about your cat's recent behaviors. Since you mentioned your dog's death do you think that is the cause of her behaviors? I think it would be a good idea to have her checked out by the vet to r/o any...
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    Captured A Stray Cat

    Thanks for the update and for taking this little darling off the streets :catrub: Thanks also for sharing her beautiful pictures with us. I absolutely love her pose on the couch; very artistic lol. I use a trimmer similiar to this one for my cats-> Some nail trimmers are cheaper, but you...
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    Sand Cat Kittens Filmed In The Wild For The First Time!

    They are so stinking cute! :lovecat2: Thanks for sharing. Just showed it to my husband. He was born and spent most of his life in Africa. He says he has seen cats with similar features to the sand cat. We plan to go sometime next year to his home country (Ghana). I'm excited to see the cats...
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    In A Few Weeks It Will Be 6 Months And I'm Still Guilt-ridden

    I'm so sorry Catmom1977 for your lost. It's hard to lose them. It's never an easy situation. We try to do our best and that's all we can do....Frankly, none of us know what we are doing in this life. We're all just passing through trying our best. You sound like you were good to him. You loved...
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    Contest Cats And Windows - Oct 2017

    So many cute kitties in this thread :catrub: Entry Flavia and Abraham enjoying the view when we lived at our old place :winkcat: This was their favorite spot. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Pictures below not part of entry) Flavia sunbathing on the...
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    Cat Can't Breathe, No Medicine Works

    I don’t have experience with that. I would suggest going to another vet. Bring all the testing results you did with this vet and have them look at the results/do their assessment. You make sure you tell them all her symptoms/length of sickness/specific episodes, etc. you are her advocate since...
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    Cat In Car Accident

    Yes, thank you for the correction. I did mean heating pad :sweat: Yes don’t ever give medicines to your cats (prescription/OTC/herbal/etc.) without talking to your vet first. That could be deadly.
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    Object Fell On Cat

    Hm...then if you didn't see it happen then the hair loss could be from something else. Do you have any other cats that she plays with? Look at her closely for fleas/bugs. Sometimes hair loss in cats is related to sickness, psychological stress, and many other reasons that are unknown. The...
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    Is My Cat A Pallas Mix??

    He's a cutie for sure! Looks like a persian to me, but I'm not 100%. Did he get a haircut out of curiosity? Cats communicate partly through their eyes and that can explain why their eyes change shape all the time. The link below was an interesting read: What Are My Cat's Eyes Telling Me...
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    Object Fell On Cat

    I was going to say take her to the vet :sweat: Are you sure she was hit in the head? Did you see it happen? Anything involving head trauma frightens me. But I'm glad she's clinically not showing any particular symptoms at the moment. Read up on the symptoms of head trauma. Here's a good...
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    Cat In Car Accident

    Oh my! I am so sorry to hear about that. :alright: Thank you for taking her to the vet. I've personally never had to deal with that. I have seen a cat get hit, but the outcome wasn't good. I'm glad though she is okay. Once she comes home I would contemplate not letting her out by herself...
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    Not Sure What's Happening

    Welcome to the site! :hellocat: Thanks for adopting these precious souls. I'm thinking it's acne, but don't take my word for it. Definitely keep an eye on it. I've read that the acne usually starts out as black bumps and sometimes will progress to red bumps that may burst. When I adopted an...
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    Arthritic Cat, Looking For Ramp/stair, Heat Pad, And General Recommendations?

    Oh your welcome! I always love to help if I can :geekcat:.....Upon searching for massage tips I discovered lots of videos on youtube about massaging cats. It's actually a bit overwhelming! This lady says she's a vet, and gave some good tips: I would just be very gentle. Maybe you can do the...
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    Help With Cat Breed..

    Oh nice. Very similar to Ghana. Most of our family lives in a city called Sekondi-Takoradi. It's on the coast. I didn't grow up in Ghana, but my husband did. The cats in Africa do certainly look a little different....Haha the other day my husband said that the cats in America are scary looking...
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    Window Perch Recommendations Needed

    This is another example of the suction cup beds. I got it from a seller on Etsy. Here's her shop: >^^< Curious Cats Window Perch >^^< by JennGv I was really impressed with the quality/softness of the material and the strength it has to hold up Abraham (not pictured...he's a little more...