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    Tips on how to stop resident cat and new kitten eating each other's food (first time two-cat owner)

    @imaginewizard Sure Petcare discount offer | 10% discount | Cats Protection discount & probably best deal at the moment here: Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder | Low Prices - Pet Prescription
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    Peeing On Self While In Litter Box

    @messycatpee What type of litter and how deep do you fill the box? Wood pellet litter in a good quality sieving tray may work better for you.
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    Tips on how to stop resident cat and new kitten eating each other's food (first time two-cat owner)

    @imaginewizard Hi, I think so. Surfeed, is the only one I know.
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    Slow Transition to New Food

    @maggie101 Maybe if they have the same protein too often in the transition vs changing up all the time. I thought slow transitions were more for kittens vs adults unless the adult has a sensitive digestion. I feed a mix of various brands per day and no issues either.
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    Question Regarding Royal Canin Varieties

    @Morpheus1967 Generally senior wet foods are lower in phosphorous. You can also get phosphate binders as a powder to add to food. A little at a time. I agree, about more wet and less or no dry if possible. You can also supplement with plain (no salt or other seasoning) cooked chicken in...
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    13 week old kittens

    @Nikkigirl56 Hi, Cute photo🙂 Try not to offer too many new foods at once. You may need to offer a new food a few times before it is eaten. Maybe try also Wellness Core shreds In the can. I think the pouches are more chunks at least the ones I have seen. They also have chunks in cans so make sure...
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    Spayed get only eating dry food. Help!

    @Aafia Ijaz Hello, I would add balanced wet food to your cats diet. Dry can easier lead to weight gain as very carb heavy.
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    Question Regarding Royal Canin Varieties

    I wonder if senior wet cat food with low phosphorous would work. Not sure if prescriptions are a gimic in some cases. Where I live you don't need prescriptions for gastro food for cats nor renal etc.
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    Tiki Cat Dry Food + UTI issues.

    I agree with @FeebysOwner @Krienze I actually would cut out the dry altogether or feed it very minimally. Dry food can lead to to problems including weight gain and bladder issues. Don't leave dry out for free feeding but feed at a certain time in a small quantity if you continue with it...
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    Uk cat food advice needed

    Welcome 🙂 @Elainemcl Here is the link for Meowing Heads: Meowing Heads Cat Food Collection My boys fave Cheshire Cat's Garden Cat Food Range - Little BigPaw mousse so maybe not the best choice but he may like it as lighter than regular pates if he is not a fan of pate. Almo Nature also does...
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    Uk cat food advice needed

    @Elainemcl All three are UK brands :) We live in Europe and I buy Meowing Heads here but it is a British company. My husband is English and I have picked up Little Big Paw and Cheshire Cats Garden up from time to time when in the UK.
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    Uk cat food advice needed

    @Elainemcl Cheshire Cats Garden or Little Big Paw? My two love Meowing Heads.
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    What Do You Feed Your Cat?

    I feed mostly wet food but a few times a week premade raw or an occasional bowl of shredded chicken with broth. I don't have set feeding times. Just when they are hungry and I leave a fresh plate of wet food out overnight for both. If I will be gone awhile in the day the same. I don't have an...