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    Let's talk about Dave's Pet Food?

    I agree with ditching the dry and feeding good quality wet food.
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    Need Help With Kitten Wet Food

    @CatLover49 Dry food is not needed for kittens, high protein and low carb wet food is much better. Adding water to dry food is not a good idea either, as it will grow bacteria if not eaten right away. Unfortunately, your kitten has gotten used to dry food early. They can become dry food...
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    Mixed Siamese or Ragdoll?

    @Sky33 Hi, to be colorpoint, there has to be Siamese or Burmese in the ancestry somewhere. So yes, she is a mix. Ragdolls are a breed that when created, in part used colorpoint cats.
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    What breed is he?

    @hpeterson Hi, His eyes look like he may have some Siamese ancestry. Which is not uncommon at all in domestic cats, to have some Siamese, as they have been in the West for many years.
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    Kitten food

    @NMW88 Yes, I think it is fine.
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    Kitten food

    Some brands have higher protein in the kitten vs adult food. Some brands say for all life stages. As I understand, if you are feeding a good quality ( high protein/ low carb and no added sugar) wet food, then kitten specific is not important.
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    Starting kitten off with wet food

    @Ravynn Sounds all going well :cool: can you post a pic?
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    Starting kitten off with wet food

    @Ravynn Just seeing this thread, did you get your kitten yet? i agree, go for two, especially as they will be young and having a playmate and friend for life will be awesome. I agree with you about all wet food. No need for any dry. Kittens should be transitioned slowly to new food, so feed...
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    Behind ear and toe tufts

    @LittleLilly She definetly has some breed in her background, maybe Ragdoll or color point Siberian (Neva Masquarade). Many breeds have been mixed with color point cats and color point cats in the west normally trace back to Siamese at some point / possibly Burmese.
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    What type of cat does this kitty resemble?

    He is super cute❤️ I would say a domestic long hair.
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    Are there any other brands like Schesir?

    @OvidiuHiei As jcat said, Schesir is not a complete food but a supplement or treat food If you buy the little tins but the Schesir Bio in packets are a complete food. Maybe try Wellness core shredded tins, they are in a sauce not jelly but your cats may like them and they are complete in nutrition.
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    UK Kitten Food Recommendations- Organic, Hypoallergenic, Grain Free?

    I have heard people say their cats like Rosie's Farm a ZP own brand. I used Animonda myself & Leonardo for both kittens and adults. Animonda also has nice pates in foil packs for kittens along with the tins.
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    Should I let him hide?

    When he is resting I think hiding away is fine if he wants some peace. look into a tall cat tree with beds you can put in the living room or even cat shelving;
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    Cat food recommendation for multiple cats

    Yes, as Tobermory says, complete raw food, either ground/mince with a completer added to give all nutrients or buy premade raw. That is what I do, I buy premade complete raw & store in the freezer till use.
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    Cat food recommendation for multiple cats

    Good advice above, I only feed wet and raw. Usually one defrosted raw meal a day and the rest wet. Wet can be left out for several hours, so do not worry if you have a grazer. Much better to graze on wet than dry food:cool2: