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    Introducing Indoor Cat To Semi Outdoor Cats

    we have a cat gate that works well keeping our cats upstairs ( pr pretty much anywhere in the house) when needed ... I have to take a picture later ... 6ft wire shelving- 3 pieces accordion style attached with zip ties ( like a screen) with a hard plastic shelving liner attached on the cat side...
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    Best Way To Introduce Kittens From Different Litters...

    We introduced our two sisters to our first kitten when the older kitten was maybe - 4-5 months old and the babies were ... barely 8 weeks ( a rescue situation I would normally NOT adopt kittens this young)... Our older kitten was neutered already through the shelter. We put the girls in the...
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    Cat Enclosures And Gates

    wow - I love all those outdoor enclosures - I wish we had an easier access to the yard from the cat rooms ( we would need to construct a second story access down). The cat gate has truly been a blessing - the plastic liner prevents all climbing attempts - and I have monkey cats that will climb...
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    Bully Cat Scaring Everyone

    I would look into some type of containment - a room or an enclosure with enough room for a small cat tree, bed and litter box - to give everyone some space and peace to eat and eliminate ... separation sounds like the best option. I know re-homing an animal is always traumatic for everyone...
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    Cat Enclosures And Gates

    and this is our cat gate in front of the stairs - wire shelving with a plastic shelf liner on the cat side - so far they haven't figured out how to get past it and - the gate is easily removable
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    Cat Enclosures And Gates

    I thought I post a thread about cat enclosures - indoor and out ... Please add your own images of cool catio spaces, indoor cat rooms or solutions for containment. We have to confine our cats at night because our boy seems to have horrible night vision and has gotten himself into trouble. When...
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    My New Companion

    I loved your post! YES ... animals pick their people ... many year of fostering have left me with my own motley and very loving crew ... I can't imagine a house without animals and they make the best therapists! I am so glad you have your Pippa and Pippa has you! What a great Christmas story-...
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    Hi Forum -joining The Ranks Of Foster Failures :-)

    awww your babies are adorable - what beautiful little munchkins! I picked up my two girls directly from the lady that was surrendering them so I got to see mom and dad ( classic BYB situation who got overwhelmed and faced eviction) - Dad of my babies looked seal point siamese but with a Manx...
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    Three Cat Dynamic

    I can see squabbles arising when they get older - I can just hope that all goes well and they stay easy going and relaxed with each other. We created plenty of hiding spots and resting spots all over the place so they don't have to be on the top of each other but ... who knows what will happen.
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    Introductions—shy Resident And Sassy Kitten

    doing great! My kittens loved tunnels and hiding spots the first week during introductions ... I had the entire room full with boxes ( holes in sides and top to facilitate escapes ) - they all had a blast ... I think the boxes offered a lot of distraction and exploring something that smelled...
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    Finally Feral Piper Took Treat From My Hand!

    woohoo ...- Thank you for taking in the little feral! That is a huge step! I never dealt with feral cats but always fostered mill puppies ... For many years we always had some animal hiding under furniture somewhere and I found that ... they all come around eventually - and it is usually faster...
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    Three Cat Dynamic

    When I was researching having 3 cats I found little information so I thought I post my own experience here and see what other people's experiences have been. Our first kitten was a foster- he was supposed to stay with us only to recover from neutering and find a home. We fell in love with him...
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    My Cat Won’t Eat His Wet Food, Only When Treats Are In It. Advice?

    I dint think it was possible for a cat to refuse wet food lol - I can send my three over ... they'll gobble any leftovers ... I promise ;-) I have no advice regarding food except to keep on trying and warming up the food or trying different plates - mine like flat plates that won't kink their...
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    Science Diet Vs Taste Of The Wild

    I have a dog with kidney issues from birth so ... I had to learn a thing or ten ... you need to compare phosphorous content of the food - for healthy felines a high meat/protein content and normal phosphorus is essential for growing - however - it is different for kidney disease. Unfortunately...
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    Best Cat Tree?

    we have the 72 inch high chewy cat tree ( sells for around 65) - with the three platforms on the top and also a smaller 52 inch Armarkat - I like the chewy tree better but the cats have no preference - they like ANY tree - I find the sherpa type covering on some trees a bit of a pain because it...