Hi! I'm FLAMER3467! I live somewhere in South Carolina. I own two dogs and unofficially own a cat. I love to code and play video games. I also love to go outside only to remember that I have severe pollen allergies, so I have to run back inside but it is too late for me by then. I also have friends so that's a thing. Anyways I think that's enough about me. You are here to see cats, not some random dude on the internet.
My cat is named Maddy and she is a girl calico. She lives somewhere in Georgia. She is a rescue cat. She was abandoned because she was sick. She actually had a brother, but he passed away due to his sickness. Maddy Is an absolute sweetheart. She will run around in the yard and stalk you. After a long day, she comes inside and curls up in your lap. She started in the garage but was allowed to go outside as she grew up. She now can be inside.
And uh that's it. Let's get back to seeing cats.:catlove:
January 19
South Carolina
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
Gaming, Cats, Experiencing nature, reading, Tv, coding, and hanging out.
Professional Gamer