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    Home made cat food for early stage kidney disease.

    Hi, my kitty was recently diagnosed with " likely early kidney disease " buy this new test available called SDMA. I'm still in shock digesting this diagnosis. His creatinine is in the normal range but increased significantly since last year. His vet has taken the "lets monitor and repeat" for...
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    My cat won't stop eating the dog food.

    Maybe consider a food both nutritionally complete for cats and dogs. Natures Variety Instinct is dual. Just a thought? Good luck!
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    Nature's Variety LID rabbit canned - new

    I hope it reaches Canadian stores soon!.
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    Stella & Chewys

    My 8 year old kitty can't tolerate Stella & Chewys anymore. He vomits 15 minutes after eating it. I tried different flavors but still comes back up. Not sure why? Has anyone else experienced this before?
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    Is Drontal and Revolution safe for cats?

    My kitty developed attaxia for 12 hours after I gave him one dose of Drontal ! And I'm convinced his hyper sensitive skin condition stems from that nasty medication. Never ever again.!!!!