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    Updates from Kiev

    Thank you so much for staying in touch with us.:hugs:
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    My tragic month

    That will be a hard day...the first time that the date returns in the first year of all the losses. You are not babbling and we are happy to listen.
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    Re: Sassy - 19yr old (close to 20) - Not eating / Very Lethargic + losing balance

    I misunderstood, so don't worry about the walking off the bed part! An animal who has experienced the loss of a sense or the loss of mobility (which your cat has not) will sometimes become agitated as they are no longer sure of their environment. My dog who was blind was definitely not...
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    4 month old kitten pregnant???

    Welcome to The Cat Site! This is an older thread and the OP has not been back in quite a while, so please don't feel slighted if you do not get a response.
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    Growth in cats nostril

    Let us know what you find out.
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    Semi Feral cat injured in hurricane

    Given that she is injured, she may be more willing to stay in your lanai. I would start there as she is in extreme danger outside with what sounds like a severe injury to her leg. Follow the steps suggested above and get a trap, which you still may need even if she is in the lanai, and call to...
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    Cat not eating correct. (Yes, another one)

    This is great news! How is she recovering?
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    Is There More Than One Type Of Microlax Enema?

    I also sympathize with your situation and your poor cat, but at least call the vet and tell him that you intend to do it and inform him of the name of the enema and the ingredients. Some enema ingredients can be harmful to cats. I did notice on Amazon that on the Customer Questions section there...
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    Growth in cats nostril

    Nasal polyps can be benign, so don't panic. However, none of us know what it is unless a vet sees it and makes a diagnosis.
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    Could adding Cisapride help when Miralax and Lactulose don't work?

    I have taken my pets to specialists. The consult fee is standard, maybe less expensive than some others/other places would charge. US sounds on the high side. I have paid $500 even when they were done by specialists. Do you have very recent xrays which could be taken to the specialist if they...
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    Experience with Pet Insurance

    Search Results for Query: pet insurance Looking over these threads may help you to see what others on TCS have done.
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    Can She See?

    You are very kind to have given this older girl a new home. A couple of other things do figure into this...if she was not played with before, she may not care now or not know how. It can also be personality. Some cats love wand toys or kickeroos, and other just don't care. Older cats are much...
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    Can She See?

    Cats cannot see what is immediately in front of them. It is not blindness or an eye condition. My cats never know if a treat is very close to them and I have to call their attention to it, or tap the dish. The estimated distance is about a foot, but I have heard that it can sometimes be slightly...
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    Feral bored living inside!!

    There are ferals who can never be indoor pets, but you can identify those easily. They are the ones who have absolutely no contact with humans, might only be spotted from time to time, and when approached by a human will flee. The ferals I have outside fall into this category. One has known who...
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    Re: Sassy - 19yr old (close to 20) - Not eating / Very Lethargic + losing balance

    I am just going to second the idea that if your cat has suddenly gone blind in a home that is completely familiar to her, you won't see her bumping into objects and not finding food. I had a blind dog once who was fine....until we moved. In the meantime, rearrange nothing in your house. Walking...