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    Ringworm Lime Sulphur Hair Loss Oh My

    While it was nice of you to clarify the remark that was made by your vet, I still don't appreciate humor on the part of medical professionals when it veers in the direction of something may not be workable. A lot of people do search out those studies by Dr. Moriello and find them useful...
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    Ringworm Lime Sulphur Hair Loss Oh My

    Welcome to The Cat Site! I am sorry that you are facing this nightmare. You can't edit your own posts until you have been here for a certain number of posts, so don't worry about that. You said you had been reading, so I don't want to refer you back to what you already read. Look over these...
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    Dark and fresh blood in stool and very smelly - photos attached

    That is a lot of gelatinous blood, IMO. If this were my cat, I would get in touch with the vet, at least send the pics you posted here, and ask for advice. As I said before, you vet has followed initially very standard procedure. Sometimes I think that vets do this to start at the least...
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    Is it too late to neuter?

    Given that I work only with strays and ferals and have done a lot of TNR, I have neutered and spayed cats who were definitely adult. If the cat was in good health, and often it was only that they appeared to be healthy as no medical assessment is done most of the time with TNR, I went ahead and...
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    No Money For Vet Care? How To Find Help And Save Your Cat’s Life – TheCatSite Articles You did not say that your issues were financial and I am not trying to pry. I do have to say that it sounds as if there is something going on that needs medical attention. Not eating over a period of days...
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    Chevy Commercial

    The cat is so distracting and funny that it did not even occur to me that they were selling a truck.
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    why won't this cat warm up???

    Just so you know you are not the only one, I have outdoor ferals who are entirely capricious about where the sit and sleep. I have shelters, heated outdoor cat beds, the works, and yet they still make their own choices. Your idea of working with his choice is a good one and might pay off.
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    Help with my petition for cats

    Signed the petition. That is a problem around here as well. Some people have even said that they see hitting a dog in the road as vastly different than hitting a cat. In CA, it is the law to stop if you hit an animal of any kind, but I am guessing that it is never enforced and only done if the...
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    Is this normal, I think he just reopened it by licking ,

    I agree that the vet should be contacted but that it is probably not an emergency. However, you are there with the cat so are the only real judge of how serious it is or if it gets worse.
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    Possible Gastrointestinal lymphoma diagnosis

    I agree that she may feel pressure from a tumor and that is creating the 2 hour bathroom window. Do you feel as if there is any point in getting all the paperwork to the specialist? It should have been done and even now it should be done immediately if you request it. If you want to know if...
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    Need help with

    Is he the same today? Better or worse?
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    Featured Skin peeling?

    What caused the peeling? I am not big on pulling skin off just in case you do more harm than good. Can you clip the loose skin?
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    Advice Socialising Semi-Feral Adoptee

    You are definitely making great progress and baby steps is fine. It sounds as if you are organized and methodical about this so that the cats have time to adjust to each other. The positive association with the mesh door will end up paying off. Please keep us posted. Continuing to contain her...
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    Possible Gastrointestinal lymphoma diagnosis

    Your question about what was seen on the ultrasound is valid. I can't say for certain what was done or how it was handled and am not implying that anything was done incorrectly. I would ask the vet however. I am very sorry about this, but I don't think that you did the wrong thing in bringing...
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    Adopting first cat and have a moral dilemma

    Definitely get him back to base camp when you can. He will feel more secure and it will give you time to work with him. The entire house is too daunting for him and you want to avoid him finding a nice hidey hole someplace inaccessible. If he was friendly, he will be again. This is...