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    HELP! 1 week old kittens in crawspace! need advice asap

    Is the momma cat friendly?? Can you pet her? Does she trust you? IF so, set up multiple "nesting" boxes for her in the basement so she will be encouraged to transfer the kittens from the crawlspace to the new boxes. You can use a few cardboard boxes, with blankets inside and by covering...
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    Midnight celebrated his 6th Birthday!!!

    WHO's that HANDSOME kitty !!!????? :love: AWWWWWWW - BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Midnight!!! :bday: :cake: :heart3: :party: :dance: :jump: :party: :clap:
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    How Luna Midnight & Stella celebrated 4th of July!!!

    AWWWWWWW VERY cute in their hats even though they look a bit bored with the whole dress-ups!!! Actually, Luna gave it quite the effort !!! :clap::clap::clap::clap: :bigthumb: :hugs:
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    Luna turned 6 years old!!!!

    She is going to blow out her candles - so it appears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol3: :clap: AWWWWW - looks like a VERY special day for Miss Luna. :bigthumb: :woohoo: :woo: :bday: :cake: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party4: :party: :party2: :jive: :clap:
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    Luna Midnight & Stella celebrating Memorial Day!

    Sorry for the late reply!!! Sheesh - it is almost July 4th in a couple of weeks............... :lol3: better late than never, though. ;) :D I see they are truly in the spirit of the holiday sporting their flag scarf. CUTE CUTE AS ALWAYS. I love seeing the kids all dressed up for the...
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    Stella celebrated her 1st Birthday!!!

    OK :anon: I am SUPER late to this party. But, it is never toooooooo late to wish one a very, very happy belated BDAY. Especially, a FIRST BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like she had the time of her life. AND, I bet everyday is like a party at your house. They are all so lucky to have YOU...
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    Luna Midnight & Stella celebrating Cinco De Mayo!

    TOOOOOO CUTE !!! Luna takes the cake on this one. What a MODEL !!!! The little scarf is just awesome and looks to be made very well - handmade even. Really adorable. Stella has certainly joined in on the routine and costume parties with a great attitude! :high5: :party2: :rub: :heart3:
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    Missing fur on Luna's face. Help!

    Yes - I agree with above! Possibly it was a bit of a scab that has fallen off and you could potentially have never seen a scab in that area. I only notice these things once a "scab" has fallen off. The spot does not look red nor irritated and looks quite uneventful to me. Surely you will...
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    Cat is hissing at me and now has hidden himself where I can't get to him.

    Sounds like your vet is covering all bases and hopefully your cat will be feeling better soon. My cats and most cats dislike having to go out of the house and especially to the vet! Your doing a good job keeping watch on him now to make sure he eats, drinks and uses the litter box. Best to...
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    Devastated after rehoming one of my cats

    Totally understand your position and your fear of going back there again. Be your own advocate and Nola's advocate at this point in time. It hurts like the dickens when we have to make these heart wrenching decisions. Sometimes they are for the best in the long run but getting through the...
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    Devastated after rehoming one of my cats

    My heart goes out to you over this situation. It does sound like you did try to separate them and reintroduce them three times from re-reading your original post and that you contacted a behaviorist for assistance. With my situation, I was undereducated on cat behavior way back then and I gave...
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    Cat is hissing at me and now has hidden himself where I can't get to him.

    Good that he is now confined in a room so that you can get him to the vet this morning to be checked out to make sure there is nothing medically going on that needs addressing. UTI's can be difficult for us to detect just by looking in the box for blood. Usually you will see more small clumps...
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    Devastated after rehoming one of my cats

    I am TRULY sorry about what you have been enduring. I understand it well. Actually, I, many years back, went through a similar situation. It was just a few short days and I gave up one of my cats to my SIL. I don't want to throw a wrench in your decision BUT want you to know in my...
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    Cat is hissing at me and now has hidden himself where I can't get to him.

    Get someone to help you try to force him out of the eaves by whatever means you can think of. How far away is he from you? Can you reach him with a broom OR would that just push him further back, which we do not want? This could be an emergency, especially if there is a urinary blockage of...