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    Let's find some positives in all of this.

    My prime Minister. He said something and welp in good old fashioned internet fun - someone went and made it into a song. I was in tears. Pricelessly funny. Although funny as it is - we can teach the little ones this song to help them to remember to "Keep two meters Apart".
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    Thank you to this community

    This post brought tears to my eyes. Bless you for it! XOXOXOX I have several kitties that owe their well being to the kind people here. (and I owe them my sanity a lot!) There aren't enough thank you's in the world to show how much I value and love them for their dedication, help, advice, love...
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    Food (?) allergy, prescription foods no help... any advice?

    @Rowan2019 Do you have paperwork/vet notes from the shelter? Was she checked for immune-suppressing illnesses like feline leukemia and FIV? SNAP tests etc?
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    Sweet cat with redirected aggression, please help: euthanasia may be the only option.

    @catluvs Are things still happily going forward? How are kitties and you doing?
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    Cat is Itching and Diet issues?

    @SketchyT How are things going today?
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    Cat incessantly meows outside bedroom for hours every night. Only option left to give him away?

    My Charlie does this every night like clockwork. What worked for me, and unfortunately I understand that it was reinforcing the behavior but it worked... so... I would go to bed about 20 minutes earlier than normal. Like clockwork, within 10-15 minutes he would start to yowl and he is a...
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    Which would you choose?

    Dang, that was hard - I went back and forth between A and B. I have to go with B though.
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    Food (?) allergy, prescription foods no help... any advice?

    Anytime. I hope we can all help you! IMHO I would ask for bloodwork as it seems warranted with something this persistent. I asked about teeth as my very first indoor cat was scratching and making his cheek and mouth bleed. Then he dug a hole in his face at the side cheek and I do mean a hole...
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    Vet said tests were "inconclusive", now I'm nervous

    Hi there. So sorry you're kitty and you are going through this. XOXOX If the urinalysis comes back with blood in it than that is possibly where the anemia came from. If it does, have them runs tests for bacteria and make sure they include culture and sensitivity. Did the vet mention possible...
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    Food (?) allergy, prescription foods no help... any advice?

    Thanks @Jcatbird for altering me to this thread. XO @Rowan2019 Welcome to the cat site! :welcomesign: I'm so very sorry that this is happening to you and your kitty. I know this frustration all too well. I'm going to make some general assumptions of "yes" to these questions - and but I'll rely...
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    Cat is Itching and Diet issues?

    While it is very possible she's developed a food allergy or sensitivity but a cat vomiting daily / every other day is a real cause to go to the vet. It could be a lot of things unfortunately. Honestly, call the vet. We're on lockdown here as well, but, my Vet practice is open and there are a...
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    A little good news for those frustrated by cats Introductions - have hope! (Success story)

    WOO HOO! They all look so relax! What joy to see! Thank you for sharing those. See it can happen for you too! Hang in there. When you finally see your babies like this - everything else will wash away. :-)
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    I cant think of a meal plan under 75-80 fir 14 days

    Do you like soups? I've been making a lot of soup in batches and freezing. Cheap, nutritious and easy. Root vegetables also keep a lot longer in the fridge. Eggs too. There is nothing wrong with having a fancy omelette for dinner. Break the rules!!! Omelettes are not just for breakfast. :cool:
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    A little good news for those frustrated by cats Introductions - have hope! (Success story)

    Out of everything I've gone through the past nearly two years now with cats illness and emergencies, one of the harder things to do was trying to get everyone to get along. (And it's still a work in progress.) I have a very territorial male that is always making life interesting lol Mia was one...
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    My Kitten Chews His Paws Raw

    @Show Me Your Kitties I've been away with work and other issues but finally am able to check in - how goes the battle?