Feral Mom

I describe how I recover my TNVR ferals in very nice dog cages in post #641
on page 33
of "The Friend of Ferals Award Badge - Apply Here" thread. I am kind of proud of my cat 'recovery rooms':lol: and it is nice to find others who "get it"!!
I am very happy to find this website. I am fairly new to Florida and fairly new to helping feral cats, and I have been surprised at some of the
regulations surrounding it here in Florida.:argh:
I have also been surprised to learn how HARD IT CAN BE to trap a wild cat. :disappointed::eek2: Feral cats are NOT like our pet cats... nope!! Not at all.
Wow, one cat took me 3 months to trap. You name it? I tried it. Some of these cats are so trap-savvy, I can't get over it.
But i finally got that one,:yess: and now, her life is more peaceful and she is gaining a bit more weight.:cloud9: I always pay extra to get them wormed, de-flea'd, microchipped, ------whatever can be done on that 1 day we have them at the vet, even just to give them at least a month or so off of pests...
I keep my ferals for a while to recover them, :sickcat:in deluxe giant dog crates, to give them a chance to recover and relax and to gain more weight.
I have come to understand both how much joy a lil wild cat can bring,
as well as how heartbreaking it is to care for feral cats-------- as they do not live long out there. :bawling: Seems only a few years, at best?
My daughter has moved in with me, and she has a cat, Moki, and that is the only indoor cat we have, (for now) for a number of reasons. :petcat: But Moki brings much joy to our home. Very Smart cat, with very cool, laid back personality. Interesting lil fella, he actually WATCHES TV but Moki will ONLY watch Animals on tv,:flail: not people! haha!!
Clearwater Florida, USA
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
Varies a bit from year to year, but I am interested in TNVR, rescuing animals, helping ferals, registering ppl to VOTE (so important in Florida), art, nature, MUSIC, concerts, swimming, Beach, comedy, (boating and dancing, but not so much lately)
RN, cat lover,