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    The Cat Pee Problem

    I seperate the cats. I was literally getting peed on at night because the cat was too scared of the bully cat to even go to her litter box. Now I just keep up hissing at the other cat all of the time whenever she even begins to show engagement in attempting to harass my 2 fosters as I'm watching...
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    Unprovoked Attacks

    So a lot of great advice here but I'll add one more thing because we have cats that do this if left unchecked. Im very good at mimicking real cat sounds and people often can't tell if it's me or the cat that's meowed but when a cat is doing something bad I don't hit I just approach them and...
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    I Am Fostering Two Cats That Were Starved. Now She Keeps Binging And Purging

    I'm fostering a 2 cats from a drug addict who neglected them and arrived very thin. As soon as I put good food down they ate the entire bowel. Both threw up immediately. One of the cats has recovered but one that worries me is the little black one who had major dietery issues {no fur at all on...
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    Cat Paralyzed With No Apparent Cause

    My cat became entirely paralyzed we thought he maybe had a brain tumor maybe a stroke started with circling then losing balance completely to complete inability to move nothing worked. We gave him a shot of steroids to see if it would help as it was a last ditch effort and my cat recovered...
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    Cat Paralyzed With No Apparent Cause

    Desperate response because this happened to my cat: try a 3 day steroid injection
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    After Famciclovir Treatment

    Malaise diarrhea stomachs aches are all common symptoms with both us and cats [isnt it great it works for both of us!]
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    After Famciclovir Treatment

    As in with humans it does cause drowsyness. I know it made me tired. But yes because this is a potent medication urge you to ask your vet if you notice any changes in your cats behavior. If a cat had chronic kidney disease for example fatigue could be a sign of something serious so please have...
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    This Kitty Reminds Me Of A Bengal, What Do You Think?

    She's a foster pair with me. I like her she's a sweet heart but with 7 other cats she's not comfortable at all. Mostly because the 3 legged cat is.. Literally scarier to her. Not my dog. Not my main coon. But a 3 legged small cat.
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    This Kitty Reminds Me Of A Bengal, What Do You Think?

    It was just her marbling coloration that made me consider it, also the spots on her back legs. Also her personality. Def. like not pure bred AT ALL but her coloration was pretty.
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    Comment by 'Faikey' in article 'Fading Kitten Syndrome: 11 Things You Need To Know'

    I took in an orphaned kitten who had such a bad infection that the mother just stopped grooming him. I actylually thought he lost his eyed because they had a layer of green gunk on them. I cleaned this fetal kitten a few weeks old and he immediately thought I was his mom and started following...
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    After Famciclovir Treatment

    Well people with human herpes take it every day.. I was thought cats did too..
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    After Famciclovir Treatment

    Llysine has no affects on feline herpes. I posted a study about it. But yeah its basic junk science
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    What Breed Is My Cat?

    Does the tail easily reach her shoulders? Does she chirp a lot? Does she have a square profile with a bump on the nose? Shes a domestic long hair probably a mix of breeds
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    My Black Cat Has White Eyes - Maine Coon?

    Amazing eyes but not a main coon. Super beautiful tho. Just wanted to tell ya.