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    Annoyed/roommate/cat safety

    That is an option we’re exploring. Of course we definitely don’t want to do that, esp with Covid 19 going on we’re not sure how often we’d be able to visit the pets but yes that might be the best option as of now
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    Annoyed/roommate/cat safety

    So me and my boyfriend have 3 roommates, all of which are guys. We are getting our own place in June when the lease is up. My boyfriends name is the only name on the lease. 1 roommate, let’s call him V is always late on his payments. Not a big deal because my boyfriend is financially stable and...
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    Adopting/fostering senior cat... advice?

    I have a cat who is almost 2 and a dog who is 3. They get along great and while me and my boyfriend are both very big animal lovers, we initially decided we probably wouldn’t add another cat in the future as Escanor really loves his one on one time with us and not having to share. Well we’re...
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    Petite Cuisine on Sale

    Hey guys I went to Target to get Esco food when I noticed boxes of Petite Cuisine were marked down to $6. I grabbed the boxes that were left at my Target, my plan was if he didn’t like it I could just donate it since it was marked down so cheap. Just wanted to let y’all know to check out a...
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    Esco looking wild

    I took some pics of my baby boy Escanor (literally do this non stop) and as I was looking back at the pics I thought hey! He looks like a little like bobcat here! Just thought this was cute and wanted to share(:
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    Contest Picture of the Month: December 2019: Snuggle Cats

    This was right after I had surgery (I’m not naked I had bandages on). Escanors favorite spot is as close to my face as he can get. I think he knew I was in pain because he was mindful not to sit on my chest which was much appreciated!
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    Weird behavior after vet appointment

    Update: Esco is feeling better finally. He was very lethargic and probably in shock but vet said that’s normal. He was pissed at me and bonded with the dog, they both hate going to the vet. (I think the cat was trying to tell him he had a rough day)
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    Weird behavior after vet appointment

    Thanks! I didn’t think about shock but that could be it. First time he got shots he tried attacking the vets. This time he just laid there and let them do their thing and wouldn’t stand up after he was done. So he was probably in shock then and might still be
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    Weird behavior after vet appointment

    Escanor had to go get his yearly shots today and he got microchipped. They did the rabies, feline leukemia and a third shot that I don’t remember what it was for. He also got microchipped. He did soo good and just seemed pretty pissed and tired after the appointment which is to be expected. A...
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    Are Boy Cats (or) Girl Cats; Better At Sharing The House With A Dog?

    Btw the dogs that didn’t mind the tail slapping were a large pit bull, all 3 of my labs, a dachshund, and our German Shepard mix(:
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    Are Boy Cats (or) Girl Cats; Better At Sharing The House With A Dog?

    Just depends on the dog and cats! I’ve only had boy cats and they’ve all gotten along with dogs. There was some tail slapping occasionally but we were able to train the cats to not do that anymore. Our dogs never minded the tail slapping as they had a good temperament but all dogs have different...
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    What Are Good "wet Food" Cat Food Recommendations?

    I feed my cat mainly Blue Wilderness and put Tiki and Sheba into the rotation. He has a bad grain allergy so it’s important that I make sure it’s all grain free
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    Ziggy The Foster Fail

    This made me so sad. Thank you for taking Ziggy in and giving him unconditional love. I wish people realized cats/pets are not disposable and need to be treated with this same kind of love:redheartpump::hearthrob:
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    Today Was Almost Perfect

    Thanks everyone I’m getting it fixed tomorrow!
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    Today Was Almost Perfect

    so today was very busy. Woke up, baby sat my sister, went to a photo shoot which was SO MUCH FUN, out to eat with my boyfriend. I was so happy with how all my photos turned out from my photo shoot, I even made some new friends which is great considering I’m lacking in that department. Dinner was...