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    Spotlight Member Of the Week>>>>>>>COOLCAT!!

    Hey, Rigel! Congratulations on being IN THE SPOTLIGHT! Hope all is well with your and yours
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    2 cups flour - sifted if you want, I rarely sift 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 2 cups buttermilk - the older the better 2 eggs 4 Tbsp vegetable oil The original recipe says to separate the eggs and fluff the whites. I quit doing that years ago. Dump the dry ingredients into...
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    Stay safe Rigel, Gema, Milky and Catulina!

    I've been thinking about our special friends in Mexico for 24 hours now. I'm glad he's able to communicate via texting so we can get updates. I can't even begin to imagine what a scarey situation that is down there. Keep yourself and your family safe, Rigel!
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    Petals was busted!

    Speaking on behalf of most big sisters I can say that little brothers can be okay sometimes.
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    How hard is it to trap......

    Absolutely it is do-able! You should be commended for stepping in and doing the right thing by these cats. I've only every trapped one feral kitten and it took a few days for success so patience will be the key. Someone with much more experience will most likely come along with tips and...
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    In honor of Echo's first birthday......

    Maybe she was sending you extra brain wave vibes to help you study faster. . . Her eyes seem beautifully hypnotic.
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    Tunnel Bug!

    That looks like it will be a whole lot of fun (bugs or no bugs) !
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    Finally. Some sun.

    Just looking at those two bask in the sunshine makes me feel warmer! They're little cuddle-buddies!
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    Post Your Gray Cats

    Here's Emma with her "beauty queen" pose.
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    Does anybody here knit?

    I've knitted these cat toys before. They are fairly quick and easy and can be done with left over yarn.
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    Ladies & Gentlemans,………….. Let me introduce to “CATULINA”

    Super job on the "investigation" & "capture" of a precious kitty-cat! I hope the FOUR of you will settle down and be very, very happy!
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    Ladies & Gentlemans,………….. Let me introduce to “CATULINA” ( in pictures)

    Hooray! She looks like a fuzzy version of Grace. . . I hope she's sweeter!
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    Bored kitties! help!

    Hello, Jane! You can make toys for your cats, too. One of our favorites is made from an empty tissue box or any small box. Tape up any openings and cut a small "paw-sized" hole somewhere on the box. Then squeeze in a jingle-ball toy or a cat-nip mouse or something like that. My cats will...
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    The Litterbox Philosiphy...

    Now, if we could just come up with an alternative energy source run on "kitty poop". . . I think about that often as I trudge to the trash can outside with my bag of "treasure" .