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    Limping Cat + Lump

    Hi! No, she doesn't go outside, besides the occasional slip out the door when I come home from work 🤦‍♀️ I'm wondering if it's a cyst that is pushing on something whenshe steps. She runs to eat and is currently begging for us to throw her favorite toy, but I want to limit her running.
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    Help. Kitten can't hold down anything.

    You need to take her to another vet immediately. At this point, I would go to the emergency vet with her previous records. Kittens are very, very fragile, ESPECIALLY as young as she is (where did you get her? She is really too young to be away from her mother). I would be shocked if they...
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    Limping Cat + Lump

    HI all, Evie started limping suddenly Sunday night. When I felt her over, she has a small, mobile, soft lump, about the size of a pea, above her digits on her front foot. She has an appointment for Monday (earliest due to COVID), but I'm pretty anxious She is otherwise completely normal...
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 1st of August.

    Not enough, sadly. We have an array of birds that frequent the feeders I have. Some of the notable ones are an Eastern towhee and his mate, a blue grosbeak, a red bellied woodpecker, and a red-headed woodpecker. We have a slew of hummingbirds too. Other than those, we get squirrels, I found...
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    Need Advice: Moving, Jobs, Etc.

    Apologies in advance, this is going to be a long post, might be hard to follow, and may get a little rambly. I'll try to make it as linear as I can. Background: My husband, B, and I moved to Georgia soon after graduating in 2016 because he got a phenomenal job. Where we live is ok, but neither...
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    Taking a road trip really soon and I'm nervous

    I am from the USA...deep south, below Macon, GA. It really depends on the areas in which you go through and how...redneck-y/backwards they are. Down where I am, a decent sized town, I wouldn't see you having issues. It's when you get into the super isolated little podunk towns that you *may*...
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    Cat got scared out of her mind!

    My Emerson did the same thing when we first moved into our house. He was fine after a day or so of lots of pats, treats, etc. He is still petrified of plastic bags and runs whenever we bring home groceries/change the trashcan bags/etc...
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    Can feeding time be changed?

    Quite the conundrum. You could look at microchip feeders (they activate when the assigned cat with a chip gets within x inches of the feeder), but they are expensive and you have to have both cats chipped! Hopefully someone will comment soon who has had a similar situation to you. Best of...
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    Can feeding time be changed?

    You are very welcome! I don't know what type of food you are feeding them (wet or dry) but the feeder should work with both. I've never used one, but I have heard that people will freeze wet food before putting it in the feeder so it slowly and safely thaws between setup and when the feeder...
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    Can feeding time be changed?

    I feel your pain because this is exactly what my Emerson does. I wish I had a magic answer, but I have caved and simply get up, throw some food in a dish, and immediately go back to bed... Have you considered purchasing a timed feeder? You can feed them a snack before you go to bed and then...
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 18th of July.

    The best time to come would be the one or two week stretch in January or February where the weather actually gets kind of cold and the humidity is low. I treasure those time- it makes for good evening walks. The worst time would be May (tornado season) or late summer/early fall (peak of...
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    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month - July 2020 - Cats amongst Colour

    Entry: Emerson. All of mine love laying on the chest freezer!
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    Help The Kitties At My Local Rural Shelter!

    Ah! Hello fellow Georgian. I'm also in middle Georgia. I'm so glad that you are helping the Tift county cats! I am trying to be more active with the Humane Society of Houston County.
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    Question of the Day, Sunday the 12th of July, 2020

    Mmmm, salads. I get to have one tonight with dinner and tomorrow for lunch. :yummy: I like a Romaine/spinach blend with added basil as the base (seriously, try adding herbs to your salad- it really kicks it up several notches). I like mine relatively simple- sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced...
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    Losing Fur on Tummy?

    No, she isn't. No scratching, sneezing, coughing, licking, head shaking, GI issues, vomiting.... I've long since suspected Evie has some sort of chicken...intolerance? Whenever she throws up a food, it has chicken as its main ingredient. She can do chicken in the formula as long as it isn't...