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    Featured Photo Competition: January 2021 - Curious Cats

    Entry: Emerson. "Don't worry, mom! I almost got that bug!...why are you yelling, this is great climbing material!"
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    Neutered Wound help

    Ask your vet if they will accept pictures and send them. To me, that needs some attention, but I am not a vet. Better to be safe than sorry!
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    Question of the Day, Friday, January 15

    I get home at 3:30. I try to have everything almost done cooking (assuming we cook...sometimes cooking is detrimental to my mental health and we order a pizza or something :paperbag: ) by the time B gets home. He showers when he gets home, so we are usually eating by 5:30/5:45. Then we clean...
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 16th of January

    I hate makeup. It makes me break out and I forget I'm wearing it and wipe my eyes/face. The last time I wore makeup was to the job interview to the job I have now (a year ago) and it was mainly just some eye shadow and mascara with some touchup spots of concealer.
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 16th of January

    Wake up Bathroom Wash face/SPF moisturizer/brush hair ( I don't do anything to it, lol) Deodorant Get dressed (we wear jeans and company t-shirts) Drink coffee/maybe stretch a little Brush teeth Pack breakfast and grab lunchbox Fill up my water bottle Tell the cats (who are in the kitchen...
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    Mother son

    Yes, he probably smells funny to her. Rub him all over with a blanket that she or he lays on to try and get his scent back to normal.
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    Dry food recommendations needed

    This would be perfect for you then! This flavor has no fish at all! I get it on Chewy.
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    Dry food recommendations needed

    I feed mine Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach, with turkey and oatmeal. Check out the ingredients and calories. A 5.5lb bag is $20, I believe.
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    Any Insurance that locks in premium or at least has less premium increase over the years?

    They are all short haired, domestic cats. All are fixed. No specific breed. I don't want to give you my exact zip code(I'm paranoid), but look up zip codes for the Macon, GA area.
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    Any Insurance that locks in premium or at least has less premium increase over the years?

    I have Healthy Paws for my three cats. I'm currently paying $45/month, but that's going to go up nearly $11/month after January 12. Meh. Emerson is 4. 80% reimbursement, $250 deductible. $20/month (unsure why his is so much higher than Evie's) Evie is 4. 80% reimbursement, $250 deductible...
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 9th of January

    The lowest of lows are usually in the 20s here. Highs can get into the 100s. Can we move yet? Apparently this area had a cold snap where the temps got in the teens in 2014. We weren't in this area then, but I imagine several folks had burst pipes.
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    Extremely Injured Feral Cat

    Does the cat have adequate pain medication? She may be crying because, well, she hurts. That's a lot of trauma and fear for the poor thing. I would start there.
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    I can't understand why my cat passed away

    I am so sorry that you lost your sweet boy. To me, it sounds like you did absolutely every test, every procedure that you possibly could have gotten done. Sometimes, cats get an array of illnesses that ultimately culminate to the point of their bodies just giving out. He knew he was loved...