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    Review by '' on item 'Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier'

    My cat Dutchess and I travel out of state to visit my family and she doesn't like boarding. We travel by car or train and this carrier is very sturdy. I'm not sure but maybe putting wheels on it to roll on a flat surface would be a good idea to alleviate carrying it for those of us that have...
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    Comment by 'eliseabengi' in article 'Tips To Increase Your Cat’s Water Intake'

    As a younger cat she used to drink from the dripping faucet in the bathroom. Now as an 11-year old since she doesn't drink standing water, I purchased a fountain and because she is so skiddish she took one lap, ran off and never used it again. After 2 weeks I returned the fountain. Vet says...
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    Olive oil & cat food

    I spoke to my vet last week and showed him the dandruff my cat has developed. He recommends omega 3&6 oils. I told the vet I have flaxseed oil which contains both for humans. He recommends 1/4 teaspoon every day to improve skin and coat. She won't eat it if I put it in her food, so I have to...
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    Comment by 'eliseabengi' in article 'Separation Anxiety In Cats'

    I am now realizing my cat has separation anxiety. Especially since my spouse passed April 1st this year she wants to constantly sit on my lap. I thought she was grieving and trying to soothe me during my grieving. I now allow her to enter bedroom since my spouse & I never did previously. After 3...
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    Hissing Cat

    I am having the same problem with my 11-year old black & white tuxedo female cat named Dutchess.  I've had her since she was 6-weeks old. My husband and I live a quiet life with no children living with us.  My cat enjoys cuddling with me often causing her to sleep.  My oldest daughter and 2...
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    do your cats see ghosts?

    Although this discussion occurred some years ago, I am glad I came across it today.  Sometimes my cat will sit and stare at a particular spot on the wall or the floor for several minutes.  I do not see any bug but she sees something.  It's so weird. I never thought about ghosts as some of these...
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    My 8 year old female cat has anxiety towards strangers and towards others she used to be friendly with.  I dread taking her to the vet only when necessary because she hisses & bites the staff.  Her anxiety begins as soon as I put her in her carrier & we are outside.  She makes a low growl in her...
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    Why does kitty insist on brushing the sides of his face?

    My cat Dutchess loves to feel the cat brush with the prickly bristles along the side if her face & teeth. She also runs it hard like her gums are itching. She doesn't even care about her body being brushed.
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