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    crazy cat lady?

    Ialways thought I was catcrazy but actually I got a dog about 2 weeks ago.My son simply accused me of wanting a zoo, well if I could a good idea.Ihad to promise it was the last addition to our house.So far the cats haven´t adjusted to the presence of a dog in their house but they hopefully will...
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    My husband has kidney pain

    Hi, My husband had a similar problem. The doc is the only solution.It´s usually some stone or smaller particles that are on their way out that cause these problems.Make him see a specialist for uro genital problems.He´ll be so relieved when the pains are gone.It´s supposed to be worse than...
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    What did you do for Valentine's Day

    HI, same as you Nothing, not necessary.I don´t need Valentine´s to do anything special. Love Elisabeth
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    Tigger's gone!

    Hi everybody, I only want to let everybody know that this time I really managed to enter the States without any trouble contrary to the last time.I'm in California visiting my son, his fiance and not to forget their superimportant dog.They live in a lovely spot the wheater is wonderful, a lot...
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    A Kitten's Prayer

    Hi, i guess that poem-just lovely- expresses exactly my cat´s thoughts.She always sleeps on that part of the blanket that I need to cover my back. Best wishes Elisabeth Provos-Killing
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    Pictures Pictures!

    Hi Michelle, great picture, I´d love to meet you and all the catlovers I´ve been in touch with. Pity I live so far away. Imagine our lovely little European shorthair had to have 5 teeth extracted last week. nevertheless she wanted her dried food in the evening and caught a mouse 2 days ago...
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    Would everyone please read this thread? Thank You!

    Hi everybody, I´m really upset due to computerproblems I haven´t received mails for quite some weeks: new address is [email protected] and the ones that did go to this address got deleted erroneously by my son.We share the address and he had no idea how he got those mails. I was furious when...
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    No declawing! :)

    Hi, those people should have pirhanas.Declawing isn´t allowed in Germany either,It´s regarded as torture, meows Elisabeth
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    Does anyone else have Essential Tremor?

    Hi Georgiagirl, I can imagine how hard it is to live with such a disease. You see I´m in a wheelchair and some people look at me as if Iwere demented or had to be since I´m sitting in that disgusting chair, my left side has been paralysed after a bad stroke and I´m not 80 or 90.SO I have...
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    If you could get another cat...which breed?

    HI Cindy, Ihave a European shorthair from a shelter, great loving cat, very purry. If you are looking for a wonderful not too outspoken cat I´d recommend a Maine Coon.I wish Icould have more.They are ideal cats good size not clingy but like to be stroked any time. I guess all this is due to my...
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    Ladies, I'm needing some help with clothes

    HI; Why don´t you buy at LL: BEAN´s: It´s my favourite shop and their stuff is good quality and you can buy online.You see I´ m disabled and can´t go shopping very often and live in Germany.By the way I´ll be in Michigan and California in December visiting my son. I FINALLY GOT MY VISA AT...
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    my mail

    HI EVERYBODY, this is for all who send me mail occasionally,Due to a computer change all my past mail got lost and before I bought a new compu my mail didn´t work for weeks SO I´d be really grateful if all those who´d love to stay in touch could send me a mail. Love Elisabeth
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    something to smile

    Hi everybody, I hope this will make you laugh as well. Last week I was sitting at our diningroom table having breakfast when my husband came downstairs. Instead of saying good morning I just said" Na" to find out how he was. His answer was" Mow" and he was absolutely serious about his answer and...
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    Bad idea?? Need advice. . . .

    Hi Laurie, I had to say good-bye to 2 cats and my family insisted on getting a new cat immediately and I´m glad they did.You can still cry holding the new cat in your arms but nevertheless it eases the pain.Knowing that you rescued a little furry should make you happy on top of everything.We...
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    What is the most unusual food you ever sampled?

    Hi Hissy, the most unusual food I ever had to try was bull´s testicles. Tasted a little like liver which I can´t stand either.That was in Greece and the relatives simply shoved it into my mouth without telling me what it was Yuck. Love Elisabeth