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    Comment by 'dvstorda' in article 'Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Cats'

    Has anyone ever tried bone broth with probiotics to try and heal the gut wall in their IBD kitty and if they had any success?
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    Treats for cats with food allergies?

    Royal Canin makes a Hydrolyzed protein cat treat which I feed my cat and she loves them. You can get them from the vet.
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    Manx lifespan?

    My Telou is 10 years old will be 11 in February. She is still playful but is currently going through a bout of diarrhea. I am hoping that will clear up. The blood tests show that she is still in good health. She is a true stumpy. Even though the life expectancy is 8-14 years old, if you feed...
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    Treats for cats with food allergies?

    Try Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Treats.