We first saw a little grey and white stray cat in the spring of 2016 jumping out of the apartment buildings dumpster and running away. I would talk to her (although at the time we didn't know she was a she) & eventually she would stop at a distance and look back before running away. Mid summer we spotted her looking terrible, mangy & sick, then she disappeared for a few months. Early Oct she reappeared looking well. We live on the second story in a quiet neighborhood with huge old trees & houses. Our back door faces an alley and we feed the squirrels & birds there. She was eating their bread one day so we started throwing down hot dogs (all beef) & cooked chicken to her, finally buying a bag of cat food and feeding her on the stairs. We had food and water on our porch at the top of the stairs where, over time, she would let us sit & pet her. She acted like she wanted to come inside so we put some food and water just inside the door, leaving it open so she wouldn't panic, until one day as I was going out, Mr possum was out side the door at the empty food bowl ready to come in too! We shut the door but let her out when she wanted to go. I got a litter pan and she took to it immediately. I gave her an anti-flea treatment. and took her to the vet to get a check up, vet said she was 1 or 2 yrs old. APL had at some point trapped, spayed, clipped her ear & turned her loose again.The weather was turning colder and she started staying inside more, sleeping overnight in a bed we got her and dropping in during the day. We don't have loose dogs or mean folks in the area so we were still letting her out in the morning or whenever she wanted. She would come when we whistled and called, until one day in January 2017 when she came in limping on her right back paw. She hasn't been out solo since that day. When the weather warmed up she really wanted to go out so we got a harness for her and go out with her. Photos of our excursions are in one of my albums. She is so sweet and smart and beautiful. She lets us pet her everywhere, from her nose to her toes to her tail. She doesn't bite (except for love bites that don't break skin) or scratch or jump on counters or bother the house plants. Love her lots. She has us wrapped around her little paw.:catrub::lovecat2: :redheartpump::hearthrob:
Dec 15, 1956 (Age: 64)
Central Illinois, USA