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  1. DreamerRose

    Corn/Wheat Based Litter?

    Mingo tried to eat it. I threw it out.
  2. DreamerRose

    Weird Words and Their Meanings

    Salubrious - Hard for me to describe. Good, healthy, as in a salubrious climate.
  3. DreamerRose

    Question of the Day - Monday, October 14, 2019

    Yes, they say that, but I don't agree. My gums are in the best shape in years.
  4. DreamerRose

    Question of the Day - Monday, October 14, 2019

    I use a manual, too. I buy a hard or medium one instead of using the soft ones the dentists hand out. Those soft brushes let so much tartar accumulate in my teeth that I've had to have several very expensive treatments. The hard or medium ones really get my teeth clean.
  5. DreamerRose

    Bald patch on cat's side around bite or wound

    It looks like an abcessed bite wound. This happens often in cats because their skin heals so fast it seals the infection inside. You best take him to the vet to get it drained and get some antibiotics.
  6. DreamerRose

    Question of the Day Sunday 13 October, 2019

    I would travel all around the world, seeing historical sites, and taking my time to experience other cultures.
  7. DreamerRose

    Funny Black Cat Stories

    I'm too old to use a cat as a prop. They didn't seem to mind - they tried to talk a young couple into adopting him first.
  8. DreamerRose

    Nerve Pain Or Itchiness In New Nubby Tail?

    I don't think he needs to see the vet again, but I do think there's still some phantom pain. Their tails and spines are really sensitive, and it could be that holding him supported by the base of the tail could trigger the pain. Mingo is very sensitive about his tail and he won't let me put much...
  9. DreamerRose

    Question of The Day. Saturday October 12th

    I've seen hurricanes, blizzards, floods, and tornadoes, with their accompanying power outages, but none of them resulted in a local disaster. Keep your paws crossed.
  10. DreamerRose

    URI dilemma

    The steam treatments really help, and Mingo loved them. He would purr and purr while we sat in the steamy bathroom. It sounds too simple to be true, but it does help them breathe.
  11. DreamerRose

    Is there any way to edit the original post?

    I used to get double posts a lot on the old site, so I flagged them and asked for a deletion of the extra post. The mods always did, and I thank them.
  12. DreamerRose

    Funny Black Cat Stories

    I got Mingo from a shelter a few days before Halloween 5 years ago. He was only 5 months old at the time, and didn't like to cuddle. The only way he would let me hold him was perched on my arm looking forward. When Halloween came, I carried him with me to answer the door and dispense candy. I...
  13. DreamerRose

    Wedding Guest Dress

    It' best not to wear white or black to a wedding, but your black dress isn't a solid color. Either dress would be fine, but I would go with the shorter dress at that time of day.
  14. DreamerRose

    New look?

    I've figured out a fix to the font size problem. Clicking on the T arrow says the font is 15, but on my screen it looks like a 10. I changed the size to 18, and voila, the saved post appears to be about a 11-12.
  15. DreamerRose

    Question of the Day, Friday, October 11

    Mingo is curious about visitors and will hang back for a little while, and then come closer to sniff them out. Last time a visitor was here, Mingo was soon rubbing his hand. Lily, on the other hand, hides on a chair under the dining room table and watches the visitor. If they stay a long time...