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    Major peeing

    We rescued a cat last fall and in the process of having dental done on him, we learned he is FIV positive. I've been attempting to add him to our household of 2 adults and 2 other cats (1 male, 1 female) since he won't be able to be an outside cat anymore. We initially thought it was him peeing...
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    Release cat in the storm?

    Bangor is close to where I work. Wow! The storm was wicked! Waited until all clear, then released "Mack." He knows where to get a meal, so if he's smart he'll be back! We had 4 inches in our cellar. Still pumping! What a day.
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    Release cat in the storm?

    All who come here get a good life. :) Callie is 14 or 15 years old. We have her and her "cousin" P.J. since our neighbors moved & abandoned them in 2009. According to the vet, they are in "remarkable" health. Meals twice a day (wet and dry), vet care, garage shelter and heating pads in winter...
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    Release cat in the storm?

    I have four permanent residents who live in my "barn." I've had two of them for 11 years, and two of them joined the group about two years ago. Two boys, two girls, they get along great, are all neutered and fairly tame. This big boy showed up in June and it looked like he was here to stay so I...
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    Release cat in the storm?

    Hi, looking for others to weigh in. I trapped a feral male and had him neutered yesterday. He is now in my garage in the trap. I just fed him breakfast. Because of the Isaias storm, we are due to have heavy rain and wind all day. Do I keep him in trap or release him? I hate to have him stressed...
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    Dental Issues

    Yes, he believes she has cancer because of ultrasound results, but I reject that. Results were very inconclusive. She is doing well on the reduced pred. dose of 2.5mg a day.
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    Dental Issues

    Vet gave her antibiotic injection, appetite stimulant (mirtazapine) and put her on prednisolone. Said yes she has dental disease, but doesn't think that's her problem. He did say pain meds would make her woozy and I know they decrease appetite so I declined. Said steroid would act as anti...
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    Dental Issues

    Hello. I am pretty sure my elderly cat is having dental problems. I made an appoitment with the vet dentist, but that is a few days off. If I go to my regular vet, is there anything they would or could give her for pain so she can eat?
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    How Is It A Picture Of Our Departed Loved Babies Make Us Cry So Much?

    Gareth your post made me cry all over again. I think Cleo was my "once in a lifetime" cat too.
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    How Is It A Picture Of Our Departed Loved Babies Make Us Cry So Much?

    Today I am weatherizing the windows and I looked down at the curls of paper left from the rolls of tape and realized my Cleo was not here to play with. We always did it together and she loved chasing the ribbons of paper. It came to me that this is my first Christmas without her. The tears just...
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    Our Beautiful Sweet Daughter Is Leaving Us........and Its Completely Destroying Us

    Emotionally it is so hard to come and read these posts, I cry and hurt for everyone's story and the loss of my dear baby feels fresh again. It's always there ready to overwhelm me, It's only been 2 months. When I come to this forum and read other's posts, I see that I am not alone in my grief...
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    My Little Severus Is With Ellie Now In Heaven.

    Oh how sad. I am sorry for you. It's an awful feeling to see them suffer and not being able to help.
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    Reeling In Pain And Guilt For The Loss Of My Darling Cleo

    Happy that Sophie was found. I did think about her since you posted. Have been thinking also about Antonio and Palina. Antonio if you read this, please post updates.
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    Tragic Accident Not Sure How To Handle It

    Oh I am so sorry for you. What a tragic experience for your family.
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    Stage 4 Kidney Disease - Information Needed Please

    Just a thought: Please also make sure her UTIs are truly being cleared up. My cat had a "series" of them and the Vet sited kidney trouble, but I discovered that her follow up tests were false negatives because the protocol for a 10 day wait time after stopping the antibiotic was not followed...