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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Major Tom and Capt Jack being couch potatoes
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    Cats in Sinks!!

    Very nice matching counter! Capt. Jack would match your counter very nicely too.
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    Buddy - The Making Of An Adventure Cat?

    Congrats on the addition to your family @elgecko . Ariel is pretty kitty! Her and Buddy will become good friends!
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    Camouflage Cat

    Tommy Jack
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    Chew On This! (post Yours)

    I know how sharp my cats nails are when they jump off me. I can't imagine having Gibs jump on my shoulders @basscat . He probably weighs more than Tommy and Jack combined. One of Tommy's favorite things to chew on.
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    Chew On This! (post Yours)

    @basscat do you ever trim Gibs nails??? I'd pay to see that! Tommy chewing on Jack for throwback Thursday.
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    Contest January Picture Of The Month: Younger And Older

    Capt KitKat Jack & Major Tom Snickers, 1 week after we got Tommy (11/19/17, 4 months old) & today @mani , I used the online software to put them side by side and then got an upload error from Thecatsite that the file was too large.
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    My boys at the watering hole
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    Oh poor Totty @Tommy End , is very cute though!
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    Refrigerator guard says no snacks before dinner And has called for back up
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    Cat Selfies

    What beautiful selfies! Pandora is quite the ham @Treasure. That's a wonderful picture of Pumpkin too @foxxycat , so serious! And Missy looks like she's striking a pose @mama africa Very pretty kitties!
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    Yoga & Gymnastics - Everybody Welcome

    Capt. Jack demonstrates the "kickstand tail pose".
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    Contest Vote For Your 20 Favourite Cats In Blankets: P O M Nov 2018

    Congratulations @TobiDaDog , that is a sweet picture of Reese looking so happy and content. :woo:
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    Contest November Picture Of The Month: Cats And Blankets

    Entry Major Tom as a kitten loved to be swaddled. We would take turns passing him around as he slept.
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    ♥ The ♥ Birthday ♥ Thread ♥**2018**

    Happy 1st birthday Angus @Notacrazycatlady . He looks very sweet. Happy belated birthday wishes to Spencer @posiepurrs . Also happy belated gotcha day to Mocha @Tobermorey and Speedy @raysmyheart . :banana1::banana1::banana2::banana1::banana1: