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    Hello Everyone!

    It's been a very long time since I've been here and LOTS of good things have happened! I look forward to catching up with everyone!
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    Happy Birthday Thread 12/15/2010

    Thank you! I haven't been on much and still lurk occasionally but life keeps me soo busy! I miss all of you and will update soon
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    2 weeks until baby! - Zoe is here!

    Sorry so late with this but Congrats!!!
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    The Pill will be 50 next month

    I tried the Nuvaring and had alot of problems with it...
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    It's been awhile!

    Oh they love him to pieces! That's probably why Hunter whines when no one is holding him because the boys are constantly carrying him around
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    It's been awhile!

    I know it's been awhile since I've been on here and I truly don't mean to keep popping off an on but life keeps me busy! Especially now with 3 kids I'm back to work and loving it! I'm the director of marketing for a photographer/modeling agent Hunter is now 3 months old and getting bigger...
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    A video of when we had Hunter!

    We are doing good now. Hunter is getting SO big already!
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    A video of when we had Hunter!

    No matter how many times I watch it, I cry
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    A video of when we had Hunter!

    It's to the song Arms Wide Open by Creed
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    Completed Signatures - Part 3

    OMG! It literally brought tears to my eyes!
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    I gots a wee bit of a ??? to ask ya...

    What caused the low CSF? I had it cuz of my epidural and the only thing that helped was a blood patch
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    The Signature Request Thread

    Could someone be as so kind to make a siggy for me?
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    Welcome to the world Hunter Keith---Dixiedarlins little one

    Oh don't I know it! He's my 3rd (and final baby) and I'm still learning It's horrible pain! And at least they gave you Tylenol 3. They wouldn't give me anything past a Motrin and didn't send me with any pain relievers