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    cat goes from purring to biting in a milisecond

    Like the others stated scratch around the head good, belly is mostly a tockelish thing and all cats will bite at some point same as scratching the basis of their tail os a sexual stimulation. It will make them pure but they might not like it so bite. It is your cat saying stop now I can not take...
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    Bedtime Routine Resistance

    Well I will say this is a tough one, but when I was young and lived with my parents we kept the cats in a cat room for my parents had an alarm system downstairs at night. So we moved their last dinner to bed time just to make sure they would come. But cat tend to not like it being locked up in a...
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    help!! Issues with my new kitten

    Well I normally just let it sit out of the fridge that wont let it lose any nutrition if you warm it up with the microwave should be fine just do not do it all to long. Like three to five seconds? Placing the food on a warm plate should also work to make it at least room temperature.
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    help!! Issues with my new kitten

    I would leave the food warm up a bit outside the fridge having it lukewarm is something they enjoy and is less harsh on there belly.
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    New cat mom anxiety about diet!

    Will say shame the dog might have a chicken allery. I my self am a raw meat feeder. My turkish angora grow up with it and having made the switch my other cats loved it too. You can also try beef just not pork as that is not all to healthy for cats. It is also easy as you can leave some meat from...
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    Can pet but not pick up or handle 8 week old feral kittens! Help!

    I have no expirance with feral cats but I can say even demestic cats can have issues with being carried my Norwegian forest cat hates it no matter how you do it he will not let any one pick him up, so you do not have to worry all to much even demestic cats can be skittish about it, as long as...
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    help!! Issues with my new kitten

    well if it is three to four times a day it should be fine, they poop from once to six times a day. it will become less the older they get my cats only poop once maybe twice a day if your kitten is meowing whiles pooping I would say have a look, but as it stands I think she sounds healthy to me.
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    help!! Issues with my new kitten

    ah yes, something I forgot to mention too, cats also make a good bond with you if you brush them, not all I mean I have one cat that is not a fan of the brush and she would try and bite is as soon as it gets close.
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    Can Closed Mouth Hyper Ventilation Indicate Hyper Thyroid?

    well, that is good to hear, my boy is doing well with medication even if he is not all too fond of it. well one of my old cats was a big panic baby and she would tend to wake up with nightmares and wanted to get cuddled, she was like a four-year-old child in comparison it could that she has...
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    Very Ill 17-year-old

    I can say from experience that the pain killer way can be a hard one as at some point if it is a pain full illness the killers will not help all to much and the times between the pain killers can be very heart breaking to see.
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    Can Closed Mouth Hyper Ventilation Indicate Hyper Thyroid?

    Well with open mouth panting and a heart problem it could more likely be that it is more a problem breathimg and having water in her lungs if there is also coughing from tim to time especially after sleeping make sure to tell the vets about the open mouth panting, an other way to check it is to...
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    Cat drooling in a cat backpack

    Drooling when happy comes with purring motion sickness drooling not. Look at breathing how the ears are positioned cats give off that they are not feeling well with body langauge. If ears are normal can but the same as before where they just drooled to seeing bugs ticks can return if the ears...
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    help!! Issues with my new kitten

    I have been reading most of the things here and I am seeing some problems for you see cleaning a kitten rear with baby wipes is not something you should do it will cause irritation. Next try not to use baby powder cats are not humans. But I will say this as for food cat have sencetive bellys...