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    Have I got a Tabby or a Torbie?

    I’ve always had tabbies and one mainecoon so not really familiar with colorations. This little girl is 4/5 months old. Her brother is black. What do you guys think? Her coloration is very cool.
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    Kittens and Litter Boxes

    You know. This makes a ridiculous amount of sense. I hadn’t even considered they might just be over the moon and can’t contain themselves. I’ll definitely get everyone on board with your suggestions. Thank you for that insight!
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    Kittens and Litter Boxes

    I wish we could remove carpet! Unfortunately the only places that do not have carpet are the kitchen, bathroom and utility room. Unfortunately bathroom is too small and kitchen too loud so the utility room is their home for now.
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    Kittens and Litter Boxes

    Good evening. I recently took in a couple of kittens who were abandoned by mom. When I got them they were apparently only 4 weeks old (didn’t know till their vet visit). They are now 8 weeks and thriving. Adorable. Rambunctious. My older cat doesn’t know whether to join in or yell at them when...