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    Do indoor cats really need vaccines?

    I have never had a holistic vet recommend a rabies vaccine for an indoor cat.  My vets know I will not, under any circumstances, vaccinate my cat for anything.  I will take my chances with the rabies virus before I roll the dice with VAS.
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    Do indoor cats really need vaccines? This is a story about Hozart a cat in Colorado Springs that is dying from VAS.
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    How do your cats like their food?

    I feed BooBoo Rad Cat raw food and she licks her dish clean.  She loves her food and I feel good providing her excellent nutrition and it shows in her attitude, coat, body condition and her recent blood work was excellent.  Even her vet remarked how good she looked for being 12 years old.
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    Cat diagnosed with diabetes

    Have you thought of raw food?  Please read the following link.
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    Bugsy's Vet Visit - 1st Follow up Since Raw

    I am so happy to hear that everything is going so well for you and Bugsy.  I do believe that a raw diet can work wonders in restoring health and preventing many chronic illnesses.  It is a great feeling to know the choices you have made has worked to improve their health;)
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    Do indoor cats really need vaccines?

    I am speaking only for BooBoo and my vet agrees there is no reason to vaccinate an indoor only cat that lives in a single cat household for any reason.  The problem with making sure the cat is not going to have an allergic reaction to a vaccines is to give it and I refuse to put her at risk...
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    Do indoor cats really need vaccines?

    I would suggest that you do a titer check instead of vaccinating.  I understand that you are concerned with the feral cat bringing in disease and that is a common concern with people who don't understand the difference between immunization and vaccination.  At the point your cats become immuned...
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    One Sick Kitten

    I am so sorry.  
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    Anesthesia & Constipation

    Oh I wouldn't use it all the time if there was something wrong.  Last year when she had her dental in June she got constipated which can happen from the anesthesia.  In the past I noticed she was a little slow passing stool after a procedure but she just kept and eating and drinking and she was...
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    persistent diarrhea - nothing is working

    I love Honest Kitchen and this is product I have but rarely use because BooBoo doesn't like it very much.  However, all their products are excellent and this could possibly help your kitty.
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    Anesthesia & Constipation

    Thanks so much!  Yup, she loves her Rad Cat.  What do you think of this product by Honest Kitchen?
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    persistent diarrhea - nothing is working

    She needs probiotics and enzymes for sure.  Make sure you transition her to a raw diet slowly and I would add in some pumpkin.  I also suggest you purify her water supply too.  Remember when you use raw food not to feed in plastic dishes.  Here is something you may find interesting too.  It is...
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    15 year old cat had bumps all over his body

    It is very possible he is having allergies to grass and pollen but given his age he really needs to see a vet.  I realize you said you can't afford to take him in but if you do a search on "help with vet bills" there are groups out there that can and will help you with the cost of a vet visit...
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    Do cats really need to go outdoors?

    It depends on what you consider "outside."  If you mean just open the door and hope kitty shows up for dinner or breakfast...IMHO it is a very bad idea.  If you mean you have built a special enclosure that allows your cat to safely enjoy the outdoors without leaving your property...great idea!
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    Is it ok to feed my CRF kitty raw chicken?

    I have never had a cat with CRF but I will say as someone who has worked in veterinary medicine for several years, do not feed dry food.  It is usually the first thing a conventional vet will give you and it is the very worst thing you can feed.  In many cases CRF is caused by feeding dry food...