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    Picky with wet food!

    I have been meaning to look over the threads and try some different ones on Dandy :).  Adding the chicken to the pate makes it into a chunky one, I suppose. Walmart had FF at .50 recently and that is hard to beat. I have mentioned it before, but we got the NVI dog food rabbit (they say the...
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    Picky with wet food!

    I don't know if it would work for everyone, but Dandy has been a pain about food. She's down to 2 flavors of FF and Tiki Cat chicken (expensive). Occasionally I can get NVI rabbit into her. If you're not familiar with the Tiki Cat, it just looks like a can of white chicken meat and I bought the...
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    Hounds and gatos canned food

    My cat wouldn't touch it. Of course she has been a real pain. She quit eating the lamb too. The only thing I can suggest is to get a couple of cans and try it. I may try the lamb again some day but we are down to a couple of FF Classics, Tiki Cat Chicken and occasionally NVI Rabbit. She refused...
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    Urinary Problems 1 Yr Female

    Thank you. We took her back to the vet. She called and is still pretty much denying that there is an issue although the cat hadn't gone there either and by then she'd been there for several hours.  It was a 45 min. trip to the vets too. They are hydrating(?) her (filling her bladder) and hoping...
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    Which Good Quality Canned Food Does Your Cat Always Eat?

    NVI canned cat food and dog food is the same so it should be all right for the dog unless there's another reason he can't have it. We started getting the big dog food cans of rabbit for Dandy since it's so expensive. She is really stuck on Fancy Feast though. I would like to find something else...
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    Urinary Problems 1 Yr Female

    She hadn't urinated in 2+ days and now she didn't use the litter box last night or this morning.  I really didn't want to wait for 3. I just read an article about cystitis and I wonder if that's what's going on. They did not obtain the urine sample through cystocentesis last night. I know the...
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    Urinary Problems 1 Yr Female

    Dandelion is our female siamese mix who just turned 1 July 4.  I think the urinary issues may have begun about a week ago, but we wrote them off. She had urinated in a large plastic box near the litter box and this smelled very strong, but we didn't notice it immediately (my husband had thrown...
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    Trying new canned foods?

    Miss Dandelion would not touch the H&G Pork.  It's good that I only had 2 cans.  She is really a pain to feed.  FF is mostly what goes the best and she will eat her kitten food but she is 9 mos. and is still eating the NVI Rabbit fairly well.  It is a chore to feed this cat. She still eats H&G...
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    Trying new canned foods?

    I feel like almost an expert in the Hound & Gatos.  Dandy had a case of Chicken and a case of Lamb, Chicken, and Salmon.  She really didn't like the Chicken, although now if we are taking it out to the outdoor cat, she will eat some.  (Get a competing cat?) For awhile, I tried mixing FF fish...
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    Grain Free Comments

    Welcome.  I live in a rural area too and have been pleased with (just another online retailer). I used one of the links in Raintyger's post to try various flavors of Hound & Gatos.  Finally she ate the lamb!  It seemed almost as cheap to order a case of the Evo as to try single cans...
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    Tiki Cat doesn't have the gravy like Weruva (I have only had one flavor of each).  I thought Tiki Cat had more actual chicken in the can although they were both pricey for what you got, IMO. It was Weruva Paw Lickin'  Chicken and Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau. She liked them both but the Weruva...
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    Special Kitty Select - OK?

    Sorry, we discovered that Canadian Fancy Feast labels didn't say "Classic" like the U.S. ones.  You just have to learn which flavors are the classic and pate ones and they are the same. I avoid gravies too (for the cat). Whatever thickens Sheba is sticky.  I noticed that when I washed out the...
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    Wet food cans

    Perhaps the issue was that you may have contaminated it by eating out of it and then putting it back?  I don't know how likely this is to cause illness (probably not as much as I think) but I certainly was brought up to discourage it.  It would introduce bacteria from our mouths into the food...
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    Special Kitty Select - OK?

    It is close in price to Fancy Feast Classics and they really do sound like a better choice.  Most cats find a flavor they like in them. Sheba is popular too (we didn't find any reason to choose it over FF here since the price was about the same). No experience with Friskies.
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    Trader Joes out of canned food

    Fancy Feast isn't too much more.  We get it for .58/can at Walmart and it's 3 oz. cans so that's $1.16 for 6 oz.  If you can find a deal, you can get it cheaper.  The problem with the deals is that we tend to be we aren't liking the fish. It's hard to get all chicken and...