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    What is Your Cat Obsessed With?

    My Yammy is absolutely obsessed with cut-up deli chicken and has been for 5 years. He demands it at least 5 times a day, (small amounts) or basically any time the fridge is opened. If he doesn't ask for it, I know he is sick. I cut it up every three days and keep it in the fridge. he eats a...
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    I have my cat on both dry and wet because we like to get away for one night every six months and they need to have dry out. I have had my cats do this for over 40 years and have not had any problems. I do feed a better dry now, Purina Pro. Some cats live to ten, some to fourteen, and some to...
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    Don't feed your cats Friskies cat food.

    I have fed Friskies for over 40 years and have not had a problem. Cats will be genetically predisposed to diabetes, crystals etc, and though food does play a part, water and many other things play into it more than you think. I really think it is what they inherit. Those cereal-free foods are...
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    a little bit of support

    I would ask your vet about DSG, it is a supplement for building up the immune system and since my cats have been on it they have done MUCH better. They have FeLV and were so sick 2 years ago the vet said there was no help, they would die within days. Since they have Leukemia I give them LifeGold...
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    Sudden Death

    I'm so sorry.....It does sound like a heart problem, most likely something he was born with. Sudden death in cats that are young almost always is. Diseases, etc. almost always take longer and show symptoms. Most vets don't check for heart problems in young cats unless there are symptoms. My...
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    SOS.. Just Helped A Feral Cat Deliver

    I'm so could very well be that it was something that happened to mom before you found her, that harmed her baby, or even congenital. Definitely start weighing the one left, that way you will know that it is growing. I'll pray for the remaining one, RIP sweet baby......
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    Question of the Day - Monday, September 20, 2021

    I like the smell of dry leaves crunching under your feet, and really, just the scent of the air. It is still very warm, but teh breeze uis much cooler and smells different, 'crisp'.
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    CBD for cancer?

    My cats have leukemia and I have had them on DMG (to build up their immunity) and LifeGold (for cancers). CBD could be added to control pain, but ask your vet first. I contacted both manufacturers of the two meds I use and they said they could be combined with each other. I get them on Amazon...
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    Spay incision

    it looks pretty good, really, just a little red. Coming apart a little bit often happens and they heal well. I use human antibiotic salve, like a triple antibiotic, or Neosporin, just make sure it doesn't have the pain killer added in, which is popular now and is toxic to cats. It's OK if they...
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    Assalamualaikum Dari Malaysia

    Hi! I'm Di. I am one of the old-timers here, been around since 2012. I came when my little one was killed in front of me in the street and I was having a hard time with it. I wanted to be around those who love cats and I found the right place. They don't allow snarkiness and downright nastiness...
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    The Feral I've been feeding has worms.

    Wormeze will take care of roundworm and should help. But in a month or so I would give him something that takes care of hookworms and definitely tapeworm, which is probably what you saw. Most cats have all kinds of worms.
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    What gender is my kitten?

    I THINK it is a girl, it is hard to tell on long-haired cats. If you could maybe part the hair a little to expose more, that would help. (GOOD LUCK) Females are usually a 'slit' up closer to the anus. If it is a round hole it is a male.
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    SOS.. Just Helped A Feral Cat Deliver

    You will be blessed for helping her and her babies. She needed help so badly and you stepped up. She is surely a stray, someone most likely dumped her because she was pregnant. Ferals would NOT want their head scratched. This is a wonderful life experience for you, you'll find that cats are much...
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    The Signs As Ghosts

    Pisces, sounds like me, I can be good or bad too, though I usually do not play well with others.....
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    How long should I keep sealed cat food for?

    Cat's digestive systems are not like ours and they can eat a lot of different foods than us, questionable garbage, and green water. I wouldn't chance it myself, a partial can of food is not that much money. you might want to go to a smaller can if they don't eat it all. Friskies has 5.5 oz. cans...