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  1. di and bob

    New Raw.......and throwing up ? 😩

    Don't feel stupid, i have done things much worse!! I would go back to his old diet for a few days till his stomach settles and then gradually introduce the new. that should work!
  2. di and bob

    New Raw.......and throwing up ? 😩

    Of course. Anytime there is a change in a cats diet there could be upset in their system. It takes time to develop new stomach enzymes to digest what is introduced and that takes a while. My cats have done the same thing when I changed from a cheap diet to a all meat one. I was up all night...
  3. di and bob

    RIP Sopdet and Treasure

    Please try to believe that for every horrible, evil thing being done in this world, there is something joyous and beautiful somewhere else. Look for them instead so evil does not rule our lives....
  4. di and bob

    Euthanasia- how soon is too soon?

    It's so very hard to really know, each cat is an individual and cats are known to hide pain and illness very well..... I have been through this many times, and the point I came to know that means they are very close to that time, is when they no longer find enjoyment in everyday life. You both...
  5. di and bob

    RIP Sopdet and Treasure

    I believe Karma will take care of those abusers, and if not, I pray they receive exactly what they did to that beautiful little girl....... The bond you have with both of those sweet little ones is a strong one, it was with them at the time of their death, and can never be broken since it is...
  6. di and bob

    How Have You Decluttered Lately?

    Just grit your teeth and do it! Don't tackle like a whole basement, etc, just do one small section at a time. I declutter one section at a time. My dad died a few years ago and mom went into assisted living. It took me and my husband WEEKS of dring 150 miles round trip every day to sort out and...
  7. di and bob

    Spaying soon - best alternative to e cone?

    A human baby onsie, fitted to the cat and researched like stated above, would be the least expensive. You could get on Facebook and see if anyone close by would let you borrow/rent a cage temporarily. I have one sitting in my shed right now! Call your local shelter and see if they would loan you...
  8. di and bob

    Sudden large lump on cat’s back?

    Any lump is concerning, but the fact that it is soft and movable is good, cancer is hard and unmoving, and doesn't grow that fast. Sometimes when cats are injured, he could have rubbed or hit his back somehow when being transported, it forms a hematoma under the skin, a blood vessel was damaged...
  9. di and bob

    I need advice about my two neutered babies.

    Yes, that is what I have meant. Like mentioned above I do watch them closely following a spaying or major surgery, especially when still under the influence of anesthesia. Cats ARE self limiting after surgery. If by chance they open the incision a little, I observe closer for infection and they...
  10. di and bob

    Missing My Pretty Girl So Soo Much... :(

    It's a vicious circle, you would have hated yourself more if you would have lengthened her suffering.......She is a beaurtiful part of your past, one of the best parts. Don't let your hate and blame make that any less. Honor her by going forward and making her world, which she shares through you...
  11. di and bob

    I need advice about my two neutered babies.

    I have never curtailed my cats after surgery, just keep them inside and safe. I think cones, caging, etc. brings on more stress then it was worth and do neither. Stress delays healing. Just keep an eye on the incisions in case of infection, not in the MANY males iI have had neutered, have any...
  12. di and bob

    How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating

    As long as he is eating, there is hope. I have had cats refuse food for three or four days and have come back. I would recommend getting some Nutrigel, a very high calorie, high nutrition gel in a tube that helps them recover. Make sure it is for cats, I get mine on Amazon. i always keep some...
  13. di and bob

    What breed is my cat.

    She definitely has some sort of Oriental backgroung with that coloring and the 'points'. (her nose bing darker) Her nose has the regal 'long' look, and her ears are large, another indication. If she is anything like my domestic pointed shorthairs, she will be very 'talkative', be somewhat...
  14. di and bob

    Really nervous about getting my cat spayed

    I have never had a cat's personality change from spaying. I have had it change from getting older. I have also had MANY cats spayed and not one has died from the spaying, but lost two young females when giving birth...... As your little girl goes through heat cycles, they will get more and...
  15. di and bob

    FFCat/Kitten Intro - Will it ever happen?

    Yes, as long as teh kitten doesn't actively hide from her and avoids her in teh same room, everything is normal. It is very common for females to discilpline kittens. Even when they are grown. As long as there is no actual blood drawn, let it play out. It always looks a lot worse then it is. I...