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    This is why I shouldn't have little dogs!

    rofl, I love the security bandanna. X) He looks like he's protecting the president!
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    Sheesh, some people need education...

    I KNOW, thats what my brother said too! D: Can you imagine? I mean, I don't even think cats can claw that hard onto a car's surface.... Thank you! I love that link. I'll see if they have good links for info to share...
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    Sheesh, some people need education...

    Oh man, seriously, I wish I could keep her indoors. I tried for four months to keep her indoors, I did everything that was suggested to me by the vet & cat behaviorist over the course of those four months. Even they were shocked at how utterly stubborn and resistant she was to my working with...
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    Cat In China Picks Winning Lottery Ticket!

    Awww, what a cute story! Thanks for sharing!
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    Cat whines when baby stirs while sleeping

    Ahhh, I know you probably don't want to hear this but thats SO cute! He's just checking up on him. It sounds like he's excited and happy the baby is here and looking out for him as well. There may be a way to simply supervise him with the baby and shush him to be quiet when he...
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    Sheesh, some people need education...

    Well there are always consequences to doing stray feeding in apartment complexes. :/ I have a sweet girl here named Honey. She's a sweet stray that I tried to rehabilitate since she was a darling outside. Inside over the course of four months she became reclusive, despondent and dropped...
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    Can a purebred Siamese have white mitted feet?

    Oooooh, I want all of them! :< They are SO cute! I adore odd-eyed cats, it's such an amazing trait. If I had one I'd just stare into their eyes forever! I know that the Japanese Bobtails are often seen with beautiful calico markings and odd-eyes. As for the other meezer, he is definitely...
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    Can a purebred Siamese have white mitted feet?

    What a cutie! If you ever need help with her, the Siamese Rescue group will often foster meezer mixes.
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    Alcoholic Partner Part 2...

    I know it's hard to hear what everyone is saying but you have to stand up for yourself and not let this man hold you and your son hostage like this. It's basically what he's doing, he's got you in an emotional choke hold over him, he knows you're a good person and he's taking advantage of you...
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    The rest of the prizes have arrived! *Pictures!*

    They are having a blast! Your cats are so beautiful too, thank you for taking all the pictures!
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    Burned alive, barely 12 weeks old! *graphic*

    Oh that poor sweet angel. I can't even imagine how awful that was for the little kitten. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I honestly don't think I could do what you do. It must be so difficult. Thank you for being so strong to be there for these little animals in need. Many...
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    Sorry it took so long

    I am so glad to hear it! Thank you so much for the update!
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    Can a purebred Siamese have white mitted feet?

    Hmmm, I think it's considered a fault in the show ring. White toes and/or feet shouldn't be seen BUT I am not sure if that means it's not a purebred cat or not. I think it's a sign of a different bloodline that doesn't carry points but thats just a guess. Edited to add: I keep finding...
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    Thanks for this great site!

    Welcome to the site! I adore this site so much, everyone is so kind. It's great to meet you and Benjamin, he's precious!
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    I need someone to talk to

    My brother, who has a high metabolism, had VERY severe reactions to most of the standard anti anxiety meds but was fine when put on high doses of Prozac. Everyone is very different and handles meds differently. I was very lucky in finding meds that help me the first time. Lexapo has really...