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    Comment by 'daisygirl' in article 'Quiz: If Your Cat Had A Job What Would It Be?'

    An engineer. Always busy, always thinking, inquizative n curious. My siamese is still a kitten, so I'd say they got it about right. She does lay close to me when she is done chasing the other cats. She crys if I am out of her sight too long n she can't get to me. So I take her with me most of...
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    Comment by 'daisygirl' in article 'Quiz: Would You Make A Good Veterinarian?'

    Dr. Doolittle. Almost, but almost didn't make it. I guess that is why I'm not a vet. I'd be afraid I would give an inicent animal the wrong diagnosis.
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    Comment by 'daisygirl' in article 'Quiz: If You Were A Purebred Cat Which Breed Would You Be?'

    Egyptian Mau, a very elegant feline! It got my personality right, WOW!
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    Comment by 'daisygirl' in article 'Let Us Guess Your Age By Your Preferences In Cats!'

    Thank u very much! Most people think  I'm much younger than that when they see me. But who likes to act their age? I'm not 42, I'm 49. Ooopps! Did I say that? My mind doesn't believe it. 
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    Starting Feral Cat Caretaker

    It is good that u r able to keep your temper in check. He may be jealous that u have a good relationship with your landlord. He may not have a a good one with him as his boss. It could also be that he does not like cats. If u r able to put a camera that points to the feeding area, I would. Then...
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    Why does my kitten still have fleas?

    washing bedding and vaccuming r good starts. But u may need to call in an exterminator. My daughter moved into a new rental that was unknowingly infested with fleas. I felt soo sorry for her little kitten. She was doing the same things day after day but the darn fleas would not go away. When the...