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    Soft Paws?

    Anyone use them?
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    Question Of The Day - Thursday 30 August

    1.) Heel 2.) Remote 3.) Cheese on toast 4.) Trunk 5.) Pop or soda whichever you prefer to call it
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    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    Yes she's 16 weeks in a couple of days! Its so exciting watching her grow before my eyes ...and yes, her spots are lightening in the middle now. She has very dark spots like her father, but they are forming into rosettes. :happycat:
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    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    I love TABBYs they are all so beautiful. Here's some of my kitty. Artificial plant she's playing with. Not toxic :thumbsup:
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    Will My Bengal Change Her Coloration?

    Thank you! Her background color what color would you say it is? I'm unsure on if it's brown or gold. On her microchip I'd description I put spotted tabby cuz I'm not sure on what color she is.
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    Will My Bengal Change Her Coloration?

    My little sweetie is 14 weeks. Im not sure what her background color would be described as? I was hoping someone here would know. Also is her color going to change as she grows up? I love her, and she's a cutie but was just curious. Thank you!!;)
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    How Do I?

    The duo. Thought I posted it in last post. Sorry!!!
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    How Do I?

    The diy litter box. No litter mess. Then the litter genie beside the box. This pair plus frequent scooping gives me no odor.
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    How Do I?

    I use a Rubbermaid storage bin with a hole cut out for the litter box. It's cheap and holds the litter, no mess. I also scoop several times a day. No smell. Another great item is a litter genie. I keep it by the box. As soon as I see poo I scoop it up put it in the litter genie. Smell is sealed...
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    Another Question About Feeding?

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    Comment by 'Cupcake_Luv' in article 'How Well Do You Speak Cat?'

    11/12 · Scored 91% Result: Fluent in Cat Language (Can Run for Office in Cat County)