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    Triplets born 8/9/10 !

    congrats hon.Will send vibes that way,that all THREE do wonderful!
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    I'm making progress (healing).

    ok.I thought you meant pain And yes, I had that for about 4 or so months after my hysterectomy. Just wait until you have a cold and sneeze or cough Just be prepared to change clothes often! (Still to this day, I have bladder discomfort occasionally---hysterectomy was on 4/5/05)
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    Fabric Softener Sheets...

    I was told that HALF of a dryer sheet works just as good as a WHOLE sheet....and it does for the most part
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    ugh dog pee

    NORMALLY is the key word here.But, that is NOT so for all dogs.Dogs that are from shelters and etc, have to stay in a small cage and have no other option than pee and poop where they live/play. And some dogs NEVER get over that.I have owned one breed--I will not name it,as it is NOT all of the...
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    I'm making progress (healing).

    it shouldn't be painful Linda.Some discomfort yes,but pain no.I would talk to your Dr and see if you have a bladder infection. Sounds as if you are healing nicely.I didn't have the incision where you do,mine was the southern region one I do remember the first time I had a bowel movement!! OMG...
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    I know it's probably early to tell everyone...

    congrats hon!! I will add my vibes for an easy pregnancy for you.
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    shelter or my home?

    yes, I cried.But, I know this was what was best for all of us. They captured our hearts for sure!
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    shelter or my home?

    MODS,please feel free to close this thread.The Momma and babies are all at a NO KILL shelter,and will be adopted as soon as they are older.
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    How would you handle your strong convictions?

    what bothers you most about this---she is young and having a baby? Or that she is not getting married? To be honest, it really is none of your business.What she does with her life,is her choice.Granted, you may think they are wrong choices--that is you....and not her. Many girls that have kids...
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    Fun Poll:Cats Vs Dogs

    I am more of a dog lover...but love cats too!
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    burn treatment?

    I agree!!!! My daughter works at Wendys also.She has gotten burned and cut many times.It is their thoughts that if it doesn't require a Dr visit,then there is no need to file papers.Or if you get injured, you need to file right then and there. She asked what stove you got burned on? Her burns...
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    shelter or my home?

    I have them on facebook Our area got hit with terrible flooding, so the shelters are even more overrun
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    What's your car's name?

    My trucks name is Beast. She was named that,because she IS a beast.LOL!! I drive a Ford Expedition.
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    shelter or my home?

    thanks hon!If they would have been left beside the road,they would have died for sure!! I checked the sexes of the babies tonight.First time I actually picked them up--trying not to stress them or Mom out.We have 4 boys and 2 girls.
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    shelter or my home?

    thanks so much hon!!! WILL check into them! We are dealing with the aftermath of flooding right now