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    Questions about EGC

    Thank you so much for responding Imbri! I wasnt to sure about the vaccine thing. This is where I read about not giving a EGC cat vaccines. What type of food did you switch to? What was your cat eating before? Petey is getting...
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    Questions about EGC

    Thanks mrsgreenjeens! I was referring to vaccinations. The cats never go outside. I, of course told my mom to ask her vet about that. My mom and I are looking into various foods to switch to. I am pushing her towards a grain free canned. Peteys sore on the back of her leg seems to be getting...
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    Questions about EGC

    Hi guys! My mom has 3 cats. 2 of them are litter mates, a boy and girl who will be 2 in August. Petey, the girl developed a scratch on her thigh and the vet said it is eosinophilic granuloma complex. He gave her an antibiotic. He said she may need to be on steroids. Now, of course I've done...


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    So sweet, I had to share.
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    Love my babies. Crush and Maynord

    Such lucky (and pretty) kitties!  Welcome to TCS!
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    Puppy Pics!!!

    Grrrrreat pics!  Always a joy to see your precious babies!
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    Outlander Series

    WOW! A whole month scince I posted.  I didnt fall off the face of the earth!  Ive been super busy and havent had any time to get on the computer. Well Rockcat, you may have gotten your wish!!!!! My dad emailed me to tell me that he read that Outlander is going to be made into a mini series.  I...
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    Outlander Series

    Sorry rockcat! I've been out of town and this is the first time I've been able to get to a computer. I need to get home to my books so I can read where you are at. I won't be home til next weekend though. My sister had surgery and I'm helping her out. It's so hard for me to remember all the...
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    Hair not growing back

     So, kinda off topic of your kitty here, but I just wanted to point out that there is no "licencing" for pet groomers.  There is the National Dog Groomers Assoc.  Groomers can be registered with them, and can become "Certified Master Groomers".  I was a dog groomer many, many years ago, and...
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    Outlander Series

    How are you coming along with "Fiery Cross" Rockcat? What chapter are you on?
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    Please mom, No flash photography!