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    New Pictures of Count

    Helping me change the couch cover he ruined Looking gorgeous again After petting his chin Cat in box My new avatar
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    New Pictures of Count

    Enjoying the couch Predator & Prey Inspecting the 3D printer Looking gorgeous as usual Find the cat Happy (Petting, not grabbing his neck)
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    Maine Coon Male Low Weight

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    November Picture of the Month Competition: Cats helping around the house

    Count inspecting the new 3d printer for defects
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    "Don't work, pay attention to me!"
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    Thanks. He's doing well now, he's a bit small for his age (which is to be expected considering what he dealt with as a kitten) but otherwise healthy. This community (and you) helped me a lot those days.
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    It has been a while since I shared photos. Time to fix that, so here are a few of Count's recent photos. MANE Coon Enjoying the high window I'm not allowed to get up when he's sleeping STILL overheating my computer And a guest appearance from a scared Leo (cousins cat)
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Food? FOOD! Come on human! Apparently me petting another cat was too interesting.
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    post funny picture and memes here