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    Vet 'only taking established patients'

    Yes, I have heard of this. Would you prefer that they accept you as a client, only for you to have to wait weeks to get an appointment?
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    Huge vet issues

    WOW what a bruiser he is! I'd think now that they know they could tranq him while he's still in the carrier?
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    Cat pee problem in corner of room

    Does the rug have a rubber backing on it, or under it? Some cats are crazy about peeing on that kind. If you're going to continue letting the cats into the bedroom, put a litter box over that spot for right now. Slowly, like a few inches a day, move the box to where you want it to be. Clean the...
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    Concrete forming tubes in DIY cat project?

    Ah, I purchased the sonotubes. I'd guess a support every 3' or so would be plenty, depending on if you attached it to the stud and how much weight the supports are rated for.
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    Does my 3mo kitten really need an Echo?

    Mr. Squiggles had one after they found he had a 3rd degree AV block, if I remember right they charged me about $200 for an echo. On the scale of heart murmurs, I've been told that 0 is nothing (obviously) and a 2 is difficult to hear. Smoochie has a grade 2 and our vet has recommended nothing...
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    Cat Not Eating as a side effect of prozac

    Fluoxetine can make a cat really nauseous, maybe that's why his appetite is off. Could he be put on a lower dose to see if that will help with his eating?
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    Concrete forming tubes in DIY cat project?

    Hrm, I've purchased some at Menards before and I wouldn't say they were flimsy at all. Perhaps there are different grades of tubing? Of course if you're thinking of a really long run you'd need some extra supports in the middle anyways, anything will flex if long enough without enough supports.
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    He keeps getting in the trashcan, and we've tried everything! Getting desperate!

    Motion-detecting air spraying egg. Works like a charm. 
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    Interrupted nap snuggle bugging

    That is hilarious! None of my cats do that, and I've never met one who does. 
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    Endless Meows and Roommate Quarrels

    Try giving her food in a puzzle so it will take her longer to eat? I'm thinking specifically of a food ball, it's like a toy plus food! Can you put a window-mounted bird feeder outside your room to attract more birds? My last thought is cat videos, like the DVD's they sell specifically for cats...
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    Large pads on cats feets

    Yes, you'll need a vet for sure. Could be an infection, could be plasma cell pododermatitis. Could be something else entirely!
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    Medication and vitamins for cats?

    You can absolutely overdose a cat with vitamin A, as it's fat-soluble and stays in the body for a long period of time. You need to speak with a vet or a vet nutritionist before giving extra supplements. Vitamin A poisoning info:
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    Cat battling eye problems. At my wits end...

    Not sure? These are the disorders I'm thinking of...
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    Replacing Scratching Post

    Yes, this is a good one!
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    Cat battling eye problems. At my wits end...

    He doesn't have ingrown eyelashes, does he?