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    Who doesn't have a toilet in their living room (and a hole in the ceiling)???

    I use to live in NYC, Years ago when they were doing construction next door to my building, I had a terrible problem with ants coming into the apartment from the rooftop walk out  , lots of ants! couldn't figure out where they were coming in and I tried so many things..............the only thing...
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    What Is Your Favorite...? The Game

    Favorite cocktail is a My favorite childhood memory would have to be Christmas at my grandmothers house in Maine............she had an awesome 'Game room' in the basement. There was a circular sunken pit with a fire place and a large recessed  TV next to it, with the fuzziest long hair wool...
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    Question of The Day. Saturday the 4th of July

    Once in a while I may spray some Febreze when needed, but nothing beats the smell of home cooking!
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    Picture Of The Month: Attentive Cats

    So many awesome pictures! I am really enjoying this thread!
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    Picture Of The Month: Attentive Cats

     Hey everyone! Here is Maia staring at me taking a pic of her attentively watching TV before I broke her concentration!
  6. Picture Of The Month: Attentive Cats

    Picture Of The Month: Attentive Cats

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    Stray cat chose my family

    Maia and I are sending major To  Momma Cats delivery!
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    Kitten has started biting

      First question would be has he been neutered. As previously stated the hormonal shift when they go into puberty is overwhelming physically and mentally. Males instinctually will bite and pin down their partner and at young age they will practice this on just about anything.     If he hasn't...
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    Sleeping Kitties!

       Love that every time I check into this thread there are new, MML pics!   I have one new one of Maia, love this pic......  This is Maia in her throne! (Between my legs stretched out towards me on top of a blanket)
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    Picture of the Month - Strange& Funny Facial Expressions

      Soooooo love all the pics! Looking forward to seeing more and who wins!    I wish Maia could enter because I have some epic funny faces of her over the years, but we haven't been able to transfer all our beloved pics from old computer to new computer yet
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    Seeking Advice Once Declawing

      Hi again.............sorry to hear she is still having so many problems. I have to tell  you again, my kitty Maia had very similar problems for a couple years. She had a few severe bacterial skin infections, even contracted ringworm one season and for the life of me I have no idea how! She...
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    Seeking Advice Once Declawing

    Cortisone shots should never be given over an extended period of time. They are meant to be a temporary relief to speed up healing, not to treat a long term condition. The cortisone shots can actually cause more irritation after it wears off.  My kitty Maia has been diagnosed 3 times having...