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    Two years I bought a Privia Adjustable Base. Basically it is an adjustable bed that will drop into your existing frame. It also comes with a kit that will let you attache a headboard and foot board. With it I got a really comfy foam mattress. I have a nice wood bed that I did not want to part...
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    Birthday party for my MIL

    You are amazing!  I wish you were my sister-in-law.  I had a birthday party for my oldest Brother last Sunday.  Only five of us.  Sister-in-law who usually calls the shots decided it should be at my house because travel is hard for me and for years I was the one who had to do it. She never...
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    Flannels on the bed

    It has been so hot here I just turned the AC off 2 weeks ago.  I live on the 3rd floor and have elderly people on both sides on the 2nd and 3rd floor who like it warm.  Not sure about the girl underneath me because she is new and only in her late teens, early 20tys.  Actually I think the timer...
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    car enthusiasts what is your fav old car and why? Have you ever done restoration?

    The first car I drove was 68 Dodge Barracuda.  It belonged to the driving school,  There was another school in town that had 64 Mustangs.   They were closed the day I went to sign up so I went across the street to the other school,  The Barracuda was nice but didn't have power steering.  A few...
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    car enthusiasts what is your fav old car and why? Have you ever done restoration?

    If you are a fan of the Buick Grand National this video is a must watch.
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    Family History?

    I did a DNA test from Ancestry . com that was supposed to tell me the geography of where my ancestors came from.  It didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know.    The only information I got was on my mother's side. Also, I did their free trial to get access to their data bases to see...
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    2016 Reboot: Your Preferred Kitty Litter and Method of Disposal

    I'm still sticking with my World's Best.  It's good whether you flush or not.  I also like it because of the lack of smelly problems.  The only time I have a smell is when he doesn't cover his poop.  I have even asked visitors for their honest opinions on whether my house smells or not.  So far...
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    World's Best Cat Litter users--has it clogged your pipes?

    Yes we are.  It's been 11 years this month that I have been using and flushing World's Best.  Just don't tell the neighbors.  For some reason people freak out when they hear that you flush litter.  Not only do they worry about clogs the biggest complaint is the idea of cat poop getting into the...
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    Is this a reasonable price for custom shelves?

    I had pull out shelves installed in a similar style cabinet and two regular cabinets.   The price was a little over $3400.  The brand is Shelf Genie.   You should google them and see if they server your area.   I had my closet done over and the closet guy suggested them. In my case I had only...
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    An FYI about Windows 10

    About a month ago the news was Microsoft was including Windows 10 as part of it's automatic updates.  It did not give any schedule as to who would be upgraded or when it would happen.  Checking out the story from other sources it appeared to be true.  That day I turned off the automatic update...
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    Since We're Talking Appliances - How About Juicers/Blenders?

    My vote is for the Vitamix.  I have one but don't use it as much as I should.  The toughest thing I have done with it was grind coffee beans.   My favorite thing is ice and chocolate milk to make slush.  It almost tastes like a shake.  And frozen fruit with juice or just plain juice with ice.