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    Any TCSers Auditioning For "Think Like A Cat" TV special on Nov.15?

    ....or so asks my husband (for Mojo) sorry took me so long to post pics of Mojo... We had a fun time trying out for this show.... I expect NOTHING, but now have a great story about the auditions. Here's my little (errrr.... yeah) Mojo.... ...showing off his new MojoHawk haircut, as a...
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    How do I explain to my cat that his new cat companion is deaf?

    Hi Xelda... I have had two deaf cats, Cumulus (rest in peace, my old friend) and Mojo, who is with us now. The fact that you've only had your two together for a week screams volumes to me... and please be patient, it will take time. First things first, I can really babble on this, so feel...
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    Denver Area Cat Mom passed away....

    Hi everyone... A Denver area cat mom passed away last week, soon leaving Gabby without a home. The family would like to NOT take her to a shelter, but they are not in a position to keep her. Gabby is just shy of 10 years old, spayed female, short hair, mostly white with a black tail &...
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    Chronic Eye Junk

    Hi, I have littermate brothers who both have chronic eye snot. The vet looks every time and assures me it's not herpes, and not infected. I think they have chronic sinus trouble (whatever) between their eye & nose. The eye snot is a reddish/brown, and I do keep it cleaned. Is there anything...
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    eye health

    Does anyone know or have any thoughts about this product: PetAlive Eye-Heal ??? My cat has an eye-thing in one eye. I have a good vet, and they've ruled out eye herpe. It's just an eye that can be prone to infection (so I watch it). We've treated with all kinds of meds. Literally tried 'em...