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    Found a bunch of these on my cat's fur, anyone know what they are? Checked his skin and didn't find

    It doesn't look like a living thing but is still eerie. We don't have house plants except for a small orchid which he has no access to. We have another cat but didn't fine this thing on him.
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    Yearly Reminder - Easter Lilies Are Toxic To Cats

    Thanks for reminding, now I have to remove 150sqf of lilies in the garden of our new home  Any idea what flowers to replace them with? Zone 5, shade. 
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    Gardening help needed: removing lilies for cats

    Hello,  We've just moved into a new house and realized the whole area of lilies ( abt 150 sqf )  in our garden are fatal to cats (we have 2 very lovely kitties). The previous home owners have had them for years, they are beautiful flowers and it's sad that we have to get rid of them....the...
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    Bad diarrhea, please help!

    Hello @balibabies, just wanted to give an update on Mushe and thanks again for responding to my previous inquiries.  I brought Mushe to the vet yesterday, did a full check, fecal and giardia, and he is fine. The vet gave him medication that helps with the diarrhea, Mushe stopped going to the...
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    Neutering Surgery - Opinions Needed

    Thanks very much for responding to both of my you have a complete view of what has happened to my cat under stress. He doesn't have heart murmur and yes will probably get the echo done later this month. 
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    Bad diarrhea, please help!

    Thanks @balibabies Mushe had another 3 times during the past 9 hours. I'm not sure if he is getting better, since I do see a darker colored well formed segment in his litter box and I can tell that's from a later time. I will make a vet appointment this afternoon anyways, just to be sure. The...
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    Bad diarrhea, please help!

    We've brought home a new kitten a week ago, since then my 10-month old resident kitten Mushe has been stressed. The symptom was mainly the lower activity level until yesterday he vomited twice and had very bad diarrhea. We then stopped feeding him for a couple of hours then started giving him...
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    Neutering Surgery - Opinions Needed

    Thanks, that was very stressful moment , definitely caused bad sleep for a couple of nights....
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    Neutering Surgery - Opinions Needed

    I get you @NBrazil, I do have insurance plan for Mushe with Pet's Best for 40 dollars per month and 90% coverage. What I wasn't comfortable with is, after hearing I've got the insurance plan, the vet kind a pushed for all exams whether that was related or the least related to Mushe's symptom...
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    Neutering Surgery - Opinions Needed

    Thanks. But the symptom I was referring to was skin-itching. Mushe's respiratory rate and energy level are about you happen to know if skin-itching is a symptom for heart diseases?
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    Neutering Surgery - Opinions Needed

    @NBrazil  Thanks, the vet indicated a few possibilities given his symptoms and I'm not sure if I want to do all exams involved. It was close to $400 for my last visit, including office visit, bloodwork, urine testing and deworming, which I did not ask for but she kind a pushed. For bloodwork...
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    New and Resident Kittens + Neutering

    Thanks @Alistair  and @  llinda I'm glad that it worked out well between your kitties and thank you so much for your input. @Alistair, I honestly don't know if Mushe the resident kitten is trying to hurt the younger. I hope he is not since that would really ruin his image as a friendly and...
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    Neutering Surgery - Opinions Needed

    Hi Gang - My 10-month male maine coon cat Mushe is not neutered yet for a reason - a vet once 'guestimated' that he might have heart issue and that might influence the anesthesia to be used. The guestimate was due to some skin-twitching symptom and my inital fear that maine coons are more prone...